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Intentional Chocolate Review - Do No Harm, Benefit Others

Thursday, July 23, 2009 Posted by Rita A

I recently had the pleasure of sampling a chocolate product from Intentional Chocolate. I was sent the Fine Dark Chocolate Pistoles with Intention (68% Cocoa Mass). The flavor is a rich dark chocolate with a pleasing lingering chocolate aftertaste. The purpose of Intentional Chocolate is more than just chocolate. Read on from the website:
Intentional Chocolate™ is the finest quality chocolate grown and manufactured with care and love and embedded with focused good intention by experienced meditators some of whom trained with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Intentional Chocolate is a premium chocolate with a special ingredient. You won’t taste it. You can’t smell it. There’s no way to see it. You feel it.

The ingredient is intention.

Think of how your favorite home cook adds healing properties in chicken soup. You may call it a “thought”, a “prayer”, or a “blessing”. We call it intention.

How it Works
In Madison, Wisconsin, experienced meditators – some who have trained with the Dalai Lama – project the positive intention into a device developed by HESA and licensed to Intentional Chocolate™ designed to capture, hold, and then transfer the intention into food products.

The intention projected by the monks into our chocolate through this revolutionary transfer technology is this:

“Whoever consumes this chocolate will manifest optimal health and functioning at physical, emotional and mental levels, and in particular will enjoy an increased sense of energy, vigor and well-being for the benefit of all beings.”

What It Does:
Consuming one ounce of Intentional Chocolate™ per day for three days increases well-being, vigor and energy. Those who ate Intentional Chocolate™ received the following benefits:
Decreased stress
Increased energy
Less fatigue
Greater calmness
Enhanced focus
Improved general well-being

The chocolates come in a variety of flavors which are stunning to look at. I truly enjoyed the flavor of the dark chocolate, it was rich, not too sweet, definitely calming. I have tried the 3 day suggested taste test and I must say I do feel some peace. I feel enlightened. Chocolate does that to me anyway but this seems different. I feel like I want to do some good for others. That is why I am featuring this review. In addition to the chocolate line they also sell:
Gift Boxes
Greeting Cards
Gift Certificates
Jewelry with Intention
Clothing and Accessories

Giving Back
Intentional Chocolate™ donates 50 percent of its net profits to organizations committed to the benefit of humankind.

As a chocolate lover I believed I could find inner peace with chocolate. Intentional Chocolate knew it all along.