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[me] & goji cereal review

Thursday, August 20, 2009 Posted by Rita A

There is a new trend in cereal products these days. Custom made blends by the consumer. One company making cereal a personal experience is [me] & goji custom artisanal cereal. I recently had the chance to make my own goji courtesy of one of the company founders Carl. Along with his friends Adam and Alexander they set out to create cereal couture. Their vision is [me] & goji using healthy foods from around the world.

The creations are truly your own. You choose your ingredients to your liking and tastes. It is mixed for you and arrives as a capsule of cereal. The process is fun to do. You add your ingredients starting with your cereal base by dragging your item into a cereal bowl. Want double ingredients? Just drag that ingredient twice. Simple. The hard part is deciding what you want in your cereal. There are many options to choose from healthy to sweet. If you get stumped they offer some delicious recommendations for flavor combinations. There is a [pink] & goji mix where $1 for every [pink] & goji mix sold will go to Pink Door nonprofit agency helping single, divorced or widowed cancer survivors open a door to a new life.

I liked the package size of your order. It is a 21 oz cereal capsule which is double that of store bought cereal. It contains 15 servings per capsule. My cereal mix is Healthy hoops base with double chocolate chips, raspberry, coconut, pecans and double cherries. I called it Black Forest Cake. It was hand mixed by Carl (he signed the capsule). Honestly when I was creating the cereal I thought my mix was a little pricey but when you figure the serving size and the quality ingredients in the mix it averages about $1.00 a serving. Well worth it. The taste is delicious. I really like the cherries in the mix. It does remind me of Black Forest Cake. [me] & goji keeps my recipe id on record so I can re-order the same mix in the future.

If you are looking for a unique cereal made by the best chef, you, try [me] & goji. It is an edible work of art.

Many thanks to Carl and [me] & goji for providing my cereal mix for review.