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MojaMix Cereal Review

Wednesday, August 05, 2009 Posted by Rita A

There is a new trend in breakfast cereal. Creating your own mixes. MojaMix is a premium custom-mixed cereal. I had to opportunity to mix my own when I was a winner of a Facebook contest. More about those details following. The steps to create your mix are easy. MojaMix makes it simple in 3 easy steps. 1. Choose a cereal base from 8 different grains. 2. Add dried fruits from 20 available. 3. Add nuts and seeds, choose from 21 here including chocolate. Simple. The variety you create is truly your own. As you are mixing your ingredients you will see on the right hand side exactly what is going in your mix and the price based on the amount and type of ingredients you have chosen. You are creating a generous 12 oz. bag. Choosing your mix is mouthwatering fun then you actually get to name your creation.

What did I make? I chose Coconut Crisp cereal base, added Mango, Pineapple and Brazil Nuts. I called my custom mix Tropic Crunch. When I received my package (shipping time was very quick) it has my name on the package with a Mix Identity that can be used to re-order the same creation again. There is also a gallery of a few mixes for inspiration.

From the MojaMix website: With literally hundreds of millions of possible combinations, our menu of yummy grains, fruits, and nuts allows each person who visits our website to find the perfect fit. And nothing feels (or tastes!) better than that.

How does my Tropic Crunch taste? I am impressed. I love the coconut flakes in the cereal base and the slivers of mango and pineapple add the sweetness. There are good size chunks of Brazil nuts mixed in. Just as I created. It is so good I have yet to eat it with milk. It makes a great nutritious snack.

MojaMix can be found on Facebook and Twitter. If you follow on Facebook as I did, they hold weekly giveaways for a chance to win your own creation. Why wait to win it? The creations are your own, it is simple to order, the price is reasonable for a custom mixed cereal and you will love it. Every package of MojaMix cereal comes satisfaction guaranteed. So go ahead and experiment.

Try Moja Mix today for a cereal taste sensation created by the best chef around, you!