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National Creamsicle Day

Friday, August 14, 2009 Posted by Rita A

Oh this brings back memories. I remember running after the ice cream man on a hot summer day with change in my hand. My choice of treat was almost always the creamsicle. We used to call them 50/50 bars. The cool orange sherbet with the creamy vanilla ice cream center was summer bliss on a stick. It still does that to me. I guess I am still in my childhood. I found some recipes based on the creamsicle flavor.

On Dinner & Dessert there is a Vanilla Creamsicle Whoopie Pie that looks absolutely delicious. I am sure to try this one.

On That's My Home I found a Creamsicle cake recipe using a cake mix, cream cheese and jello. Simple. Yum.

Last: I found an adults only recipe for an Orange Creamsicle Frozen Cocktail on Wow I bet that is delish.

Wait, I hear something! Oh yes! It is the ice cream truck.