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Piggy Popcorn Review - You have to try this!

Thursday, August 06, 2009 Posted by Rita A

Piggy Popcorn. What is it? It is Candied Bacon popcorn. The Loveless Cafe in Nashville created a snack so addicting the byline of the product is "And I Don't Share".

NEW! Piggy Popcorn has finally hit the web!!! After months of hardwork, Loveless 's Own Piggy Popcorn and I Dont Share is now available to be shipped. This is unlike anything you have ever tasted before. What is Piggy Popcorn.... Well It is 7 oz bag of Candied Bacon Popcorn!! That is right, Popcorn popped in bacon grease then coated with a caramel sauce and studded with Real Country Smoked Bacon Bits. It is so wrong, it is right. Try a bag today and you will not want to share.

I heard about this bacon treat and I had to try it. I received a small sample bag just to taste and now I wish they had sent the full size bag! Opening the bag greets you with a lovely bacon smell. One bite of this interesting popcorn and you will be hooked. It is so good I find it hard to describe the taste in words. You taste the sweet coating then you get the salty bacon flavor. You get a piece of bacon chip coated in the sugar on top of a crunchy popcorn. It is sweet and savory at the same time! It has real bacon chips on the popcorn! I have already placed an order for 2 more bags.

Loveless Cafe is a famous motel and cafe often visited by celebrities and throngs of tourists. I am including this stop on my trip to Nashville (someday). You can order direct from the web store, the Piggy Popcorn and many other Hams and Jams products. If you are close to the Loveless Cafe in Nashville, make sure to try the Piggy Popcorn. Those of us at a distance. place your order today as it is made in limited batches. One bite and you will want more. Advice: buy 2 bags so you don't have to share yours.