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Smart Balance Products Review

Friday, August 28, 2009 Posted by Rita A

My family has a history of high cholesterol. It is a health issue I always monitor with my doctor. To keep my levels in check I have been using Smart Balance products which taste great and are healthier for cholesterol. Smart Balance has gone one step further by creating a Heart Healthy Food Plan that you can download here. Smart Balance products are also Best Life approved.

My butter spread of choice is Smart Balance Light. I like the buttery flavor and that it is a product that’s 50 percent lower in fat and calories. It tastes like butter to me. My father enjoys the Smart Balance with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Smart Balance offers many products based on a unique formula.
The essence of Smart Balance is its unique (in fact, patented) blend of natural vegetable oils. This blend doesn’t just avoid "bad" things like dietary cholesterol and trans fatty acids. It also works proactively, to provide your diet with the right balance of natural fats: a balance that can help you improve your blood cholesterol ratio. Our signature product, Smart Balance Buttery Spread (Regular and Light) brings this remarkable formula together with delicious buttery flavor and a wonderfully creamy texture.

I recently was able to try different Smart Balance products courtesy of Smart Balance. I wanted to try the microwave popcorn because it is one of my families favorite snacks. It is very tasty. I tried the Light Butter flavor. My husband loved it. He did not know it was healthy until I told him. He thought is was delicious. Next I tried the Smart Balance Omega Cooking & Salad Oil. I made a salad dressing with the oil. It was light and not an overpowering oil flavor at all. You can use this oil in place of other oils in cooking and salads. Then I received a surprise package in the mail containing new, soon to be marketed, Smart Balance Sour Cream. It was perfect timing for our turkey taco salad night. The sour cream comes in regular and reduced fat. I loved it. It tastes like the real thing.

I will continue to purchase Smart Balance products because they taste good. Smart Balance also knows they are good for me. Don't tell my husband it is healthy!


  1. Rhonda said...

    I thought the sour cream tasted fishy too and I like all their other products and have been using them for years!