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S'mores Day

Monday, August 10, 2009 Posted by Rita A

Today is National S'mores day. The chocolaty, gooey, marshmallow camping treat with the irresistible flavor. Have you ever made them in your microwave for a quick treat? Try using a low pulse power cooking time and watch the marshmallow expand then shrink several times in the short 20 seconds or so, fun to watch. S'mores have been finding there way into many different types of recipes. An interesting idea is to make S'moreos. Cakespy features the Oreo cookie S'more treat with microwave directions and delectable looking photos. Cooking Stuff used the same idea with a Strawberry Oreo over her stove flame. How about S'mores cookies? Make and Bake has a recipe from Cookie Madness that during the baking process the marshmallows and chocolate bar are pressed in the cookie then the baking continues to melt them. Delish. A simpler way is to make a S'more bar as Must Love Chutney created from a recipe she found. Finally I found this recipe for a S'mores cake on It looks gooey and decadent, made with all the ingredients in the traditional S'more. Try having that wonderful childhood camping treat either traditional, microwaved, baked or maybe make a S'more ice cream sundae to enjoy a sticky, gooey fun S'mores day.