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Mia Mallows Marshmallows Review

Tuesday, September 08, 2009 Posted by Rita A

Mmmmmm. Fresh gourmet marshmallows. There is a lovely store on Etsy I found, Mia Mallows. Mia Mallows Gourmet Marshmallows are a confectionery delight adding unique elegance to any occasion.

The flavors of Mia Mallows are incredible. Available Flavors:
Banana, Bavarian Cream, Blueberry, Caramel, Cherry, Chocolate, Coconut, Coffee, Cotton Candy, Dulce De Leche, Eggnog, Lemon, Lime, Orange, Mango, Peach, Peanut Butter, Pina Colada, Pineapple, Pomegranate, Praline w/chopped pecans, Raspberry, Saltwater Taffy, Strawberry, Vanilla.

All of Mia Mallows marshmallows are handmade in a commercial kitchen. They are hand packaged. They use all-natural ingredients and organic, all-natural flavors. There are absolutely no preservatives in the marshmallows. All orders are prepared fresh upon receiving your order.

I received a flavor assortment from Mia Mallows to sample for this review. My first impression is they are beautiful. The colors of the marshmallows are so vivid and bright. They are good size EXTRA LARGE 1 1/2 inch Cubes of marshmallow goodness. My favorite color is the blueberry. These are truly pretty.

The flavor is incredibly delicious. The texture of a fresh marshmallow is softer and lighter than a commercially made marshmallow. Mia Mallows melt in your mouth. She makes so many yummy flavors. My assortment included lime, banana, lemon, chocolate, blueberry, orange, coffee, strawberry and Dulce De Leche. These are so good. I tried the strawberry first and it was a good choice. The strawberry flavor was intense and delightful to eat. The color was a stunning pink. Very appealing. Next I tried the coffee, it was like a cup of coffee. Rich and delightful. I loved the banana. What a tropical treat. Full of banana flavor. My favorite of all the flavors I tasted is the Dulce de Leche. It was creamy, with a rich caramel flavor. It was wonderful eaten by itself but I could picture these beauties melting in a rich hot chocolate for a caramel treat. All of Mia Mallows are fantastic. The big thick pieces of marshmallow are just right. The colors are so pretty they would make fun eats for bridal showers or baby showers. You could match color themes.

Mia Mallows can be purchased from her Etsy shop. The prices are reasonable with 6 marshmallows selling for $5.00. She also offers a sampler package if you can't decide on which delicious flavor to try first. Order some today. Once you taste a freshly made Mia Mallows gourmet marshmallow you will want another and another and maybe one more.....

Many thanks to Mimi of Mia Mallows for providing the samples for this review.