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Singing Dog Vanilla and Red Ape Cinnamon Review

Sunday, September 06, 2009 Posted by Rita A

The holidays are coming fast. It is the season of the year I do most of my baking. This year I have 2 new wonderful ingredients to use. From Kestrel Growth Brands I was introduced to Singing Dog Vanilla and Red Ape Cinnamon. These top quality gourmet products are used by restaurants, bakeries and culinary schools around the world. Now the same high quality ingredients are available to the home gourmet. Singing Dog Vanilla beans are grown using traditional, organic methods. A portion of all Kestrel Growth revenue is returned to their partner farmers to support their organic growing methods. Thanks to Kestrel Growth Brands, I was able to sample Singing Dog Vanilla Bean Paste and Red Ape Ground Cinnamon.

What is vanilla bean paste? It is a vanilla extract with vanilla beans in it. It is a thicker syrup more than a paste. You can see the flecks of vanilla bean in the paste. Use vanilla bean paste in place of vanilla extract in something you want to feature the specks of vanilla bean. I used my Singing Dog Vanilla Bean Paste and Red Ape Cinnamon to make a rice pudding. It was easy to measure the Vanilla Bean paste and mix into the ingredients. It looks rich with all the bean flecks. The flavor seemed more intense than vanilla extract so I did adjust the amount using slightly less than I would extract. I loved seeing the bean specks in the rice pudding. I then made an apple topping again with both the Vanilla bean Paste and the Red Ape Cinnamon. Both turned out scrumptious.

The Red Ape Cinnamon is pure ground organic cassia cinnamon from Sumatra. It is fragrant, sweet and robust. It was not too strong or bitter as some cinnamons can be. The Red Ape correlation: 5% of all profits are donated to organizations the protect orangutan habitat. This is excellent cinnamon. It was not overpowering, it was more enhancing in my baking. It brought a delicate cinnamon flavor to my pudding and apple topping. Combined with the Vanilla Bean Paste, the Red Ape Cinnamon are my go to spices this holiday baking season.

Look for Singing Dog Vanilla and Red Ape Cinnamon in local retail locations or you may purchase them directly online.

Try Singing Dog Vanilla and Red Ape Cinnamon for all your baking. Please Help! I am looking for a recipe for a Vanilla Cinnamon Crumb or Coffee Cake to make with my spices. If you have a recipe please contact me. I would love to try it.