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Virgil's and Reed's Beverages Review

Friday, September 04, 2009 Posted by Rita A

It is Labor Day weekend. Are you planning a big cookout? How about trying a new beverage this holiday. Virgil's Soda and Reed's Ginger Brews. Virgil's Root Beer is famous. It is a Root Beer lovers favorite drink.

Made Naturally for the Root Beer, Cream Soda, BLACK CHERRY CREAM SODA, AND REAL COLA Connoisseur, Virgil’s is one man’s passion to create the finest soft drinks ever produced. After retiring from a very successful career in the beverage industry, Ed Crowley set out to research what it would take to make the finest soft drink ever. As a result of his research Ed developed the recipe for Virgil’s Root Beer. Recipe in hand, his search for the finest ingredients took him around the world. The results are an award winning soft drink made naturally without caffeine or preservatives.

Who is REED'S, Inc.?
REEDS, Inc. is making extraordinary beverages and confections using very old-fashioned, natural methods and wholesome, fresh ingredients. We are a growing family of passionate entrepreneurs who have developed food and drink, which in our opinion exceed any products within their categories in taste, quality and imagination, as we are certain you noticed by now!

Reed’s brews six carbonated ginger combinations using only the finest ingredients. The six flavors are: Original Ginger, Extra Ginger, Premium Ginger, Raspberry Ginger, Cherry Ginger and Spiced Apple.

I had no idea there were so many flavors of Virgil's and Reed's drinks. I had the opportunity to sample an assortment of fine sodas and ginger brews sent to me. I had to share the cute message on the box I received.
The message is hand printed on the side of the box. It made me realize I was about to try something really special. Virgil's offers cream sodas, root beer and colas. I first tried the new product Orange Cream Soda. It was good. I liked the orange creamy taste. My favorite flavor is the Virgil's Black Cherry Cream Soda. This is fantastic. Full of cherry flavor with the finish of a great cream soda. It is made with black cherry juice and real vanilla beans. The cola is also delicious. Not to sweet and clean tasting. Of course the Root Beer is outstanding. It is an award winning root beer and you can tell. It is that good.

I have never tried Reed's before so I was excited to sample ginger brew. The first one I tried is the Apple Ginger Brew. It tasted like a cinnamon spiced apple cider. I found it very refreshing. I next tried the Raspberry Ginger Brew. This was a fruity flavor with the kick of ginger. All of the flavors of Reed's and Virgil's are fantastic. I mentioned just a few of my favorites. Reed's Ginger Brew comes in 6 different flavors and Virgil's comes in 5 flavors both regular and diet.

You can find Virgil's and Reed's at many locations nationwide. You can also purchase it online. So try something new this holiday weekend. Find Virgil's or Reed's and experience a new beverage sensation. Have a fantastic weekend.