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All Products Review

Friday, October 16, 2009 Posted by Rita A

I recently featured a review of All as a fantastic place to shop. It is one of many shops owned by CSN Stores. Based on my review of All I received 2 wonderful products to try. Being the coffee drinker that I am I chose a thermal carafe for my coffee and a coffee measuring spoon. These are not your average products. Let me tell you more.

The thermal carafe is the Alfi - Modern Classic Shiny 0.94-Liter Cognac Thermal Carafe.  My first impression of the appearance of the carafe is this looks really cool. It is a shiny rich brown color and very round in shape. It is made of acrylic. I like the style of this carafe. The color is stunning. The Twin-walled AlfiDur toughened hardglass liner creates a vacuum between the walls, allowing neither heat nor cold to escape (100% performance tested)

I decided to test the carafe with my morning coffee. I made a larger than normal pot and put the remainder, after pouring my cup of course, in the carafe. I waited nearly 3 hours before the second cup. I was impressed with the temperature of the coffee. It was warm enough to drink without having to reheat the coffee. I left some in the carafe to check again in a little while and 5 hours later it was a little cooler but still a drinkable temperature. I usually never have coffee sitting around that long but I do enjoy a second cup in the morning. The Alfi Carafe keeps my coffee just the way I like it without having to use the coffee maker burner and wasting electricity. The carafe is easy enough to clean with warm soapy water. It is easy to fill and easy to pour. It comes in different colors of Azure Blue and Transparent. The selling price is $32.00 which I feel is a reasonable price for a high quality very stylish thermal carafe.

My coffee measuring spoon is the Blomus - Utilo Tea and Coffee Measure. This double sided spoon measures 7 grams of coffee on the coffee side and 10 grams of tea on the tea side. Each side is marked on the spoon for the  correct use. The spoon is made of stainless steel with a very unique modern design. It looks like the infinity symbol to me. The markings for the coffee and tea side are clear. Using the Utilo is simple and it does scoop the coffee easily. I like the feel of the spoon. It is smooth to the touch with a brushed stainless texture. It is a good size to keep in the drawer handy next to the coffee maker. It sure is convenient to have both sizes in one measuring spoon. The price for the Blomus - Utilo Tea and Coffee Measure is a mere $8.99. This would make a nice gift to place in a gourmet gift basket for the coffee / tea lover.

For many more wonderful modern items browse through All There is something for every taste and style. Even for coffee lovers like me. 

Disclosure: I received gratis samples for this review. No monetary compensation was offered or accepted. The opinions above are my own. Others experience may vary.