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Ghoulish Goodies - A Frightful Cookbook Review

Tuesday, October 06, 2009 Posted by Rita A

This is Halloween, this is Halloween. (singing the Nightmare Before Christmas song). I have always loved Halloween. It was so much fun when I was growing up. From planning the homemade costume to finding the perfect plastic pumpkin bucket. I like the cute non-scary type of Halloween. Kid safe version if you will. When did Halloween become so (for lack of a better word) - bloody? Bringing it back to the fun Halloween I enjoy, I recently received from Storey Publishing a fantastically fun cookbook Ghoulish Goodies - A Frightful Cookbook.

I found this well written, loads of fun cookbook, a joy to browse through. The recipes are simple and perfect for Halloween Fun. The author Sharon Bowers shares some of her memories of Halloween and little stories in each chapter. The book is stunningly illustrated and includes color photos of the finished recipes. The recipes include Candy and Goodies, Cookies, Cakes and Cupcakes, Party Food, Snacks and Drinks, Halloween Supper and Scary Party Food.

The very first recipe in the book is for Monster Eyeballs. A no bake peanut butter treat dipped in chocolate with a chocolate candy iris. Looks just like a Monster eyeball to me. Simple to make and very clever.How about Sticks and Stones Caramel Corn made with pretzels, popcorn, peanuts, candy corn, all coated with a caramel syrup. Yum! One of the cutest ideas in the book is the Funny Bones. Using pretzel sticks with mini marshmallows on each end then dipped in white chocolate. So cute. There are recipes in here good for more than Halloween too. Pumpkin Spice Vanilla Fudge. I have already added the ingredients to my shopping list for this one. I plan on making a batch for Thanksgiving too. For you cupcake lovers you would enjoy making Tombstone Cupcakes. A devils food cupcake with grass frosting and tombstone cookies on top. The cupcake on the cover of the book is the Creature Feature Cupcake. This one is a little complex with the use of marzipan but it sure looks cool. There are 70 deliciously frightful fun recipes in Ghoulish Goodies.

Here is an interactive preview (Flip through the pages if you dare!):

Ghoulish Goodies (sample pages)

Ghoulish Goodies can be purchased from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or check with your local bookseller. Cover price is $14.95. It is currently on sale at Amazon for less. Order quickly before the goblins snatch them away..just kidding, order in time for Halloween.

Grab your brooms and fly to the store to grab Ghoulish Goodies for Halloween treats to make your Halloween full of Frightful Fun. This is Halloween, This is Halloween..........

Many thanks to Michelle for providing the review copy from Storey Publishing. No compensation other than a gratis copy has been accepted. The opinions above are my own.

Reprinted with permission from Ghoulish Goodies, published by Storey Publishing, LLC., September 2009.