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I always feel like somebody's watching me.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009 Posted by Rita A

Did you know that as a blogger I could become a criminal? The FTC is watching us bloggers. Are we a threat to society? A new ruling from the FTC dated yesterday requires bloggers to disclose how they received a product they are reviewing and if they were compensated in any monetary way to write the review. Starting December 1st violators can be charged heavy fines for each post. I have always been straight forward about receiving my products and samples for review. I have always mentioned at the bottom of each post who provided the samples and giveaway item as well. I have not ever taken any cash amount to provide a review. I do not charge for my reviews. I do not get paid to voice my own opinions on my blog. I do not have paying ads on my blog. As a matter of fact I spend money out of my own pocket quite often for shipping items to the winners. My "payment" for my services is the products I receive. Yes I do get a lot of products that I keep or use and even share with my family. In return I share the information with you. It takes a lot of time to create my blog posts. From research to contacting companies, countless emails and then the actual writing. Followed by the running of the giveaway, the contacting of the winner(s), countless emails again and occasional shipping of prizes. My little blog niche is more than a 40 hours a week job. Why do I do it? I love it! I enjoy trying, finding and featuring new products as a word of mouth, you have to try this, post. I like providing giveaways for my readers to allow them the chance to try the products themselves. Besides it is fun to win something good. I myself enter on other blogs too.

Apparently the FTC is targeting the really big bloggers that get cash, laptops, vacations etc. I think I might be safe with the few candy items, some cookies and the wonderful other products I write about. I will always let you know where my stuff comes from. You are free to read my opinions to make your own decisions on trying the items. For further information about my disclosure policy there is a I Disclose button on the left side bar. For those companies wanting to offer me a laptop, vacation, new washer and dryer, I will gladly accept them but I have to tell everyone who gave it to me. Any takers?

Disclosure: The above expressed opinions are strictly my own. Rita - Owner/ Writer of One 2 Try.