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Kettle Brand Potato Chips Review

Sunday, October 25, 2009 Posted by Rita A

Did you know the potato chip is the most popular snack in America? The folks at Kettle Brand Potato Chips do. They strive to create better tasting all natural chips in adventurous flavors with that hand cooked Kettle Brand crunch. Kettle Brand Potato Chips started over 25 years ago with an idea to make the best natural chip around. Today Kettle produces three different types of potato chips in many flavors as well as tortilla chips and nut butters.

I was able to sample the new flavor of Sweet Onion and a few others courtesy of Kettle Brand. I tried New York Cheddar first. The crunch is great. As expected from a Kettle Brand chip. The cheese flavor is bold but mellow. It reminds me of a good macaroni and cheese. These taste sophisticated, an upscale cheesy recipe. Next I sampled Buffalo Bleu. Yum. These spicy but smooth chips are flavored like classic buffalo wings with bleu cheese dressing. The spice is a sweet chili barbeque taste with mellowness of blue cheese to balance out the heat. Very tasty. Last I tried the new flavor Sweet Onion. I liked these but for my taste I would have preferred more onion flavor. You can taste the onion flavor but it is very light and mild. I thought they would be more like eating onion rings with bold flavor. They are very tasty as they are but for me, make them stronger. With 20 flavors of Kettle Chips available try this fun "What's Your Flavor" quiz to find your suggested flavor. My flavor came out as Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper. I will have to try this one.

Kettle Brand is also doing great things for the environment. They have company cars,VW BioBeetles, that run on bio-diesel fuel created from their recycled cooking oil. Do they smell like potato chips as they pass by? Kettle Brand uses sustainability business practices. They use some solar power at the plant. They use wind power too. The buildings are green and now the bags are recyclable. Kettle Brands Chips - A great Natural Chip, a chip great for Nature!

Kettle Brands Chips can be found in many grocery stores. Check with your local grocer. If you like potato chips try Kettle Brand Chips in your favorite flavor. Get enough to share, potato chips are America's favorite snack you know!

Many thanks to Erica and Kettle Brand Foods for providing the review samples.

Disclosure: I received gratis samples for this review. No monetary compensation was offered or accepted. The opinions above are my own. Others experience may vary.