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My Planets must be out of alignment!

Thursday, October 15, 2009 Posted by Rita A

Oh boy what a week! All I can say is my Planets must be out of whack. It was one of those weeks when little things became really big messes. It started out with my husbands car. It went to service for his routine maintenance and came out needing a new water pump and thermostat and a new timing belt. Ka-Ching! Lots of unexpected expense. Next he upgraded his cell phone to a Blackberry and it has been drama for the past 5 days trying to figure it out. He needs an application with a decent calendar for work. Coming from a Palm Treo to the Blackberry was a big change for him. I was ready to throw the phone and him out the window at times. So frustrating. Next we had a small drip in the shower that would not stop. So we called a plumber. The small drip turned into "I have to rip into the wall to check the valves". The valves were bad and so was the pipe to the shower. Our little drip turned into a huge hole in the wall and in our wallets. Ka-Ching again! After all that it still leaks! The plumber is on his way back as we speak. Wait I am still not done. My Mom and I were planning a day at Disneyland for weeks based on our schedules and then... it rains. I can't get to my mom's house 40 miles away to get her. Major disappointment. So instead I bought myself a new computer game (because you can't blog all the time). I installed it and bam, it messes up my computer. Freezes and issues, I could not even shut the computer down. Grrrrrr. I finally got it uninstalled but I can't return it because it is opened. Ka-Ching again! Shew what a week. I feel a change coming in the planets are moving in the right direction because my favorite Garth Brooks announced he is coming out of retirement today! I will be waiting for the ticket sales announcement! Ka-Ching again! This time it will be worth it.