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New York Cooks Cookbook Review

Sunday, October 11, 2009 Posted by Rita A

I grew up back East in New Jersey. I fondly remember the many trips to New York City. Even though I was young at the time I could always feel the energy and passion in the restaurants we visited. I recently had the opportunity to read a lovely cookbook called New York Cooks written by Joan Krellestein and Barbara Winkler from Sixth & Spring books. New York Cooks contains 100 recipes from the City's Best Chefs. Chefs from Union Square Cafe, Blue Smoke, Picholine and more are featured in this culinary delight. In total there are 40 top New York Chefs sharing their signature dishes.

The book is formatted by cuisine type. From New American to Mediterranean to specialty cuisines plus Classic American and more fill the pages of this cookbook. I particularly enjoyed the stunning photography included. You will find photos of Chefs, locales and the mouthwatering recipes both in black & white and color. I found it interesting to read the snippets of information from the Chefs. Each chef has been asked the same series of questions. The most interesting is "What do you consider the most overrated ingredient?" The answers are suprising. Besides the chefs stories is the unbelievable recipes. You can now cook gourmet at home. The recipes are superb. From Chef Geoffrey Zakarian comes Filet Mignon with Red-Wine Risotto. From Mikey Price, he showcases Blood Orange and Red Onion Salad. The talent and the recipes included are a true testament to the un-matched restaurant hub that is New York City. New York Cooks is a fine dining culinary treat for the budding chef or anyone who treasures New York City. Buy a copy today from Sixth & Spring Books or Amazon and take a bite of the delicious Big Apple.

Many thanks to Tara for providing the review copy.

Disclosure: I received a gratis review copy. No monetary compensation has been offered or accepted. The opinions above are my own.