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Food Inc. DVD Review

Thursday, November 12, 2009 Posted by Rita A

The topic and my opinions in this post are sensitive in nature. Please read at your own discretion.

We are the land of the plenty. Just visit our grocery stores to prove it. An abundance of items. Where does it all come from? The answer might surprise you. Food Inc. the movie, brings to light the big business behind the food industry. In this very informative, eye opening film, the message is unmistakable. The food industry is run by big business, more so than I ever thought. What disturbs me even more is the link to the USDA and the FDA that is explained in the movie.

From Food Inc: Our nation's food supply is now controlled by a handful of corporations that often put profit ahead of consumer health, the livelihood of the American farmer, the safety of workers and our own environment.

The Food Inc. DVD was recently released and I received a copy to watch for this review. I watched this movie with an open mind. Some of the images are graphic. Some of the information is too. It is not a preachy type of movie, it is more of an informative documentary. Each company that is mentioned in the film had the opportunity to be interviewed and every single company denied. What is that saying to us? I am shocked at the details of the way our food is mass produced in such horrid conditions detailed in the film. No wonder the cases of E. Coli and other illnesses are on the rise. From the fields of the farmers to the supermarket shelves every aspect of our food supply is manipulated by a few handfuls of big companies. It is so much behind the scenes the average consumer has no idea. I appreciated Food Inc. for making me aware of this subject. The film is tough to watch in some scenes and several images have stayed with me since my viewing. When I explained the film to my sister she wanted to know why, as a food blogger, I would even watch such a movie. My answer - I just needed to know more.

As a consumer I have a choice to purchase or not purchase a product. My goal since watching this movie is simple. Less mass produced food and more natural organic products. I have also not eaten a single bite of any meat since watching the movie last weekend. I am on my own mini boycott. Will it last? Probably not. I am still "digesting" the information I watched in Food Inc. If it has changed me forever is yet to be seen. I will do what I can to make better choices. If one company does not get my hard earned money for their mass produced, making people sick food product, I feel better.

Food Inc. has a website Hungry For Change, with more information and ways that as consumers we can make a difference. Read About the Issues to find out more of the what the movie explains. Read Take Action and Get Involved to make a difference. 10 easy steps that will have an impact.

My opinions are my own and sharing this topic with my friends, family and readers is risky. If you are concerned about the safety of our food supply, or how you can make a difference, watch Food Inc. Make your own choices. To Meat or not to Meat that is the question!

Many thanks to Melissa and Food Inc. for providing the review copy.

Disclosure: I received a gratis DVD for this review. No monetary compensation was offered or accepted. The opinions above are my own. Others experience may vary.