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Holiday Gift Idea - Electric Lazy Susan Buffet

Friday, November 20, 2009 Posted by Rita A

Holiday dinners are a special time in my family. Unless you are the one in the kitchen doing all the cooking. It can be a challenge getting everything to the table at the same time, hot and ready to eat. I found the perfect solution. The Electric Lazy Susan Buffet from Nostalgia Electrics. This appliance is a great addition to any kitchen. For entertaining, holiday dinners, special occasions to everyday dinners, the Electric Lazy Susan Buffet will become your favorite appliance.

The Electric Lazy Susan Buffet™ is the perfect all-in-one serving solution and a great addition to any dining table. Its simplicity of use and elegant design make it ideal for entertaining guests. The unit breaks down to a warming tray, large buffet cooking pan and four dishes with polycarbonate covers that hold 1.5 quarts of food. After cooking, the cord can easily be removed from the warming tray unit to serve family and guests as a Lazy Susan, keeping foods warm for up to one hour. Made of resilient and easy-to-clean stainless steel with cool-touch handles, this appliance is designed to provide years of enjoyment.

I am thrilled to have received an Electric Lazy Susan Buffet to try for this review. My first impression is it looks great. The stainless steel with silver handles makes it look classy and able to go with any decor. The size of the buffet is large enough for 4 generous dishes. It comes with 4 small warming trays with lids. You can use the buffet with all the small warming trays or you can remove them and use the large warming tray for bigger meals. I like the feature in the lids of the notched opening for the serving spoon to be kept in the dish. That is a handy feature. I also like the lazy susan aspect of the buffet server. The entire tray rotates on ball bearings so each different dish can be easily reached. The best feature of all is the warming temperature. It takes a mere 15 to 20 minutes of plug in time to reach the maximum temperature, then you can unplug it from the wall and it will stay at the warm temperature for up to 60 minutes before having to be plugged in again. You can place the buffet right in the middle of the table and not have to worry about the cord. I think that is fantastic. Hot food for everyone. The Electric Lazy Susan Buffet is a perfect gift for any host or hostess, or everyday meal maker. My only concern for the product is the storage when not in use. It is rather large and does not fit in my cupboards without removing everything else. I am limited on space in my kitchen so I have to keep my buffet in the garage until the next time. With only the one storage issue drawback because of my small kitchen, I still recommend the Electric Lazy Susan Buffet.

I am a big fan of Nostalgia Electric products. I have a few of their appliances. I have used the quesadilla maker for many years. It makes delicious, crispy quesadillas in just a few minutes.

My nephew loves my Old Fashioned Movie Time 53" Popcorn Cart.  I received it as a Christmas present a few years ago. It makes the theater style popcorn and stores it in the cart for serving. It is so much fun to watch the popcorn pop while the aroma fills the house. My nephew requests popcorn every time he visits. It is a pleasure to make.

You can purchase selected Nostalgia Electric products at many retail locations.

For direct ordering of the:
Electric Lazy Susan Buffet - visit Manufacturers Clearance or Amazon.
Electric Quesadilla Maker - visit Manufacturers Clearance or Amazon.
Old Fashioned Movie Time Popcorn Cart - Visit Manufacturers Clearance or Amazon.

Shop Nostalgia Electrics for these and many more fun appliances. Think holiday gift giving!

Many thanks to Jessica of Nostalgia Electrics for providing the review sample.

Disclosure: I received a gratis Electric Lazy Susan Buffet for this review. No monetary compensation was offered or accepted. The opinions above are my own. Others experience may vary.