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Holiday Gift Idea - Top Chef - The Quickfire Cookbook

Saturday, November 21, 2009 Posted by Rita A

I love the show Top Chef. I have seen just about every episode and like to choose my favorite early in the beginning to win the competition. I own the Top Chef Cookbook that is signed by Hung. It always makes me want to eat the fabulous dishes the Chefs are making. Just once I would like to be invited to one of the parties that they have to prepare a lot of food for. That would be a dream come true. In the mean time now I can read about and create Top Chef decadence in my own home. Top Chef - The Quickfire Cookbook brings to light many of the quickfire challenge recipes to drool over, or maybe not if the recipe did not work. With a foreword by Padma Lakshmi (the host) it makes great reading for any Top Chef fan.

First of all the book looks great. The cover is a lovely bright orange with the famous knife emblem raised in detail. There is a fire emblem embedded in the cover too. The bright colors continue throughout the book making it fun to read. The table of contents include: Ingredient Challenge, Time Challenge, Creativity Challenge, Technique Challenge and Judges' Challenge. Within each section are the mouthwatering recipes from many of the competing Chefs. Ilan, Stephanie, Jeff, Dale, Cliff, Hung and my absolute favorite Chef, Fabio. My mother is also a very big fan of the show and she always said she would eat anything that Fabio made. I agree. Mixed in with the recipes are color photos of the foods, the Chefs and many behind the scenes shots. You will find bios of the Chefs for each season. There are mini features like Who Cooked It Best and Plate Like A Master.

I adore this book as a fan of the show. I may never be an accomplished Chef but with the help of Top Chef - The Quickfire Cookbook, I can compete in my own kitchen. If you have a budding Chef, a fan of the show or a cookbook collector, consider Top Chef - The Quickfire Cookbook as a holiday gift this season. You just might get to taste the recipes.

Top Chef - The Quickfire Cookbook can be purchased direct from Chronicle Books, at Amazon or check with you local bookseller.

Top Chef: The Quickfire Cookbook
By the creators of Top Chef
Foreword by Padma Lakshmi
Photographs by Antonis Achilleos

8 x 10 in; 224 pp ; images throughout
Published in September, 2009
ISBN 9780811870825
ISBN10 0811870820

Many thanks to Chronicle Books for providing the review copy.

Disclosure: I received a gratis copy for this review. No monetary compensation was offered or accepted. The opinions above are my own. Others experience may vary.