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Molla Space - Art of Living Review

Sunday, November 29, 2009 Posted by Rita A

My home has no theme of decor other than Early American Lived In. I do wish I could have a designer home. Maybe someday (sigh). Even though it may be out of reach for now I can still experience clever designer art and design with the help of Molla Space. What a fun place to shop.

Our mission is to advocate, advance, and create the art of living in our own way. As commercialism dictates the definition of trend and fashion in our daily lives, our desire for uniqueness and creativity are often forgotten. For this reason, we hope to enrich your surroundings with self-expression, discovery and individuality through our work.

The products at Molla Space are pretty interesting and eye catching. Design is abundant in the many categories of items available. Clever, fun, graphic and just down right cool things can be purchased at Molla Space. Browse the Desk and Stationery section and you will find a Fish Pen, a Mousetrap Mousepad, and a Delete Grenade (for getting rid of pesky things). The Home Accessories section is where I had the most fun. How about a Peaceful Bomb Vase or a Outline Vase? In the Kitchen and Tableware category I found a neat looking Shadow Coaster that would look great on any desk. Take the time to browse all the sections of Molla Space and you will find even more designer "art" for your home or office.

Courtesy of Molla Space I received my own Printing Vase. This is a great idea. The vase is made of a polyester material in the shape of a decorative vase complete with designs. The PrintingVase Sleeve fits over an empty wine bottle to create a fancy vase. No wasting the wine bottle and it can now be put in any decor. Ingenious. My Printing Vase is the Black Blossom style which has white blossoms on the black material. It looks pretty and makes use of an otherwise discarded item. Right now the Printing Vase is on sale for only $10.00 and it comes in a black or white and 2 designs. I am impressed with the Printing Vase.

For something special and designer in your home, shop at Molla Space. You will be amazed at the style you will find at reasonable prices. If you have an eye for art and graphic designs, check out Molla Space. I have added a touch of designer to my lived in style. Thanks Molla Space.

Many thanks to Jeff of Molla Space for providing the review sample.

Disclosure: I received a gratis sample for this review. No monetary compensation was offered or accepted. The opinions above are my own. Others experience may vary.