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Nature's Path New Gluten Free Cereal Review

Saturday, November 07, 2009 Posted by Rita A

Over the summer I posted a review of Nature's Path Organic products. I enjoy the flavors of the wonderful food items from Nature's Path. I just heard about their newest product Gluten Free Cereals in 2 fabulous flavors. Crunchy Vanilla Sunrise and Crunchy Maple Sunrise.

Crunchy Maple Sunrise: NEW! A delicious warm real maple taste breakfast cereal with a variety of crunchy textures from flakes, puffs and crispies make this a genuinely tasty gluten free breakfast. INGREDIENTS: Organic whole grain corn meal, organic evaporated cane juice, organic brown rice flour, organic yellow corn flour, organic inulin, organic quinoa puffs, organic maple syrup, organic flax seeds, natural maple flavor, organic buckwheat flour, organic quinoa, sea salt, organic amaranth, organic molasses, tocopherols (natural vitamin E).

In my family I do not have anyone needing a gluten free diet but I do have a very good friend who does. I was very excited to tell her about the new Sunrise cereals. Thanks to Nature's Path I was sent a box of each flavor to sample for this review.

I shared my boxes with my friend to get her opinion of the cereal. She is an avid label reader and said there was nothing in the cereal she had to worry about so she was thrilled to try it. She really liked it. She was very pleased with the flavor. It was much tastier than the bland cereal that she is used to eating. Based on her favorable response, I tasted it for myself. It is very delicious. The cereal is crunchy with a nice texture of different grains. The maple flavor is like eating pancakes for breakfast. A very tasty sweet maple flavor. I love the crunch. It stayed crunchy in milk. The vanilla flavor is light, not too sweet and also very enjoyable. I am more fond of the maple flavor though. I would add cinnamon to the vanilla. Both these cereals are gluten free, no trans fat, and vegetarian. A real scrumptious healthy breakfast cereal sure to bring a smile to the morning. For any cereal lover needing to watch gluten or anyone who likes a good cereal, Nature's Path Sunrise is definitely One 2 Try!

Nature's Path foods can be found at many grocery stores in the organic section. Check with your local grocer. In my area they are sold at Albertson's.

Many thanks to Kari and Nature's Path for providing the review samples.

Disclosure: I received gratis samples for this review. No monetary compensation was offered or accepted. The opinions above are my own. Others experience may vary.