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Stoneridge Orchards and Essn Review

Saturday, November 07, 2009 Posted by Rita A

It is always fun for me to bring you new food products you may never have heard of. Here are two delicious new items to share. From Skylar Haley Innovative Products comes Stoneridge Orchards dried fruits and Essn sparkling fruit beverages. Very innovative and delicious. Stoneridge Orchards are fruit and berries hand picked from the finest orchards. The fruits are dried with all the goodness that nature intended and can be eaten year round. Essn is the sparkling all natural 100% juice beverage that combines the essence of select varietal fruits with a sparkling fizz. Essn comes in four exciting varietal fruits Blood Orange & Cranberry, Fuji Apple, Minneola Tangerine and Meyer Lemon.

Lets start with Stoneridge Orchards. Skylar Haley sent me two kinds of their many Stoneridge Orchards fruit flavors to sample. These wonderful whole dried fruits are tasty morsels. First I tried the Bing Cherries. The rolling and lush hills of the Northwest are abundant with Bing Cherries, a sweeter and unique variety in the cherry family! I thoroughly enjoyed the Bing Cherries. They are plump sweet dreid cherries bursting with flavor. The sweetness of the fresh cherries is maintained in the whole dried fruit. I munched on these as a snack and added some to my morning cereal. They ae so scrumptious. Next I sampled the Blueberries. Whole dried blueberries that you can eat by the handful. Sweet, chewy and full of anti-oxidants. A delicious treat. I can't wait to try the strawberries and peaches.

On to the Essn sparkling fruit juices. Essn is very refreshing. 100% juice is infused with sparkling water for a light taste sensation. Serving these juices cold is an wonderful way to quench a thirst. I really liked the sparkling minneola tangerine juice. It was like eating a fresh tangerine. It is a burst of orange flavor. The apple juice was also equally delicious. Nice and crisp in flavor. It was a treat to sample these Essn juices.

Stoneridge Orchards dried fruits and Essn juices can be purchased at many retailers nationwide. In my area Stoneridge Orchards can be found at CVS, Costco and Smart & Final stores. Essn can be found at Albertsons in my area. Both products can be ordered direct from Skylar Haley e-store.

For an exciting new way to eat and drink fruit, Stoneridge Orchards and Essn Juices are definitely One 2 Try!

Many thanks to Skylar Haley for providing the review samples.

Disclosure: I received gratis samples for this review. No monetary compensation was offered or accepted. The opinions above are my own. Others experience may vary.