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Twitter is under attack!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 Posted by Rita A

Soapbox rant!

Twitter is under attack from spammers and you may not even know it. A few weeks back there was a round of direct messages sent that when you clicked on the message it opened what appeared to be the twitter home page asking for your id and password. Many people, including myself, fell for this real looking twitter page. Wham! Spammers got your twitter logins. Now they are using your account information to send direct message SPAM to your followers. You do not even know it. You might hear from a follower asking what did you send. It is a major issue. I am getting these spam direct messages from quite a few of the people I follow.

I sent this email to a friend on twitter explaining the issue:

You may want to check your twitter account. You have been sending direct messages that are spam. I got one from you today. Your account may have been hacked. It happened to me last week. You have to change your password on twitter to stop the hackers from using your account.

Here is the message that appears to come from you: you're on hERE!!

DO NOT OPEN IT. It is spam.

Check it out. Ask other followers if they are getting Direct messages from you. If you are not sending them they are coming from a spammer using your account.
End email.

To prevent further unwarranted messages from your twitter id PLEASE change your twitter password! I have been changing mine frequently now.

It is crappy what the spammers can do these days. Get a life you spam sickos. Leave my little bubble of the internet alone.

Remember change your twitter password. Even if you may not be a victim sending the spam, it is a good idea to be safe. Spread the word to your circle of friends and followers. Many have no idea it is happening. The friend I emailed was very grateful and she told more people and so on and so on.....