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Last Minute Gift Idea - WindTunnel® Rewind™ Bagless Upright

Friday, December 18, 2009 Posted by Rita A

Some of you may think that a vacuum is the last thing you would ask for as a Christmas gift. I would have thought the same thing until I received a surprise Hoover WindTunnel® Rewind™ Bagless Upright delivered the other day. The model is the Model Number: UH70120 and it is loaded with very convenient features.

Check out the features of the WindTunnel® T-Series™ WindTunnel® Rewind™ Bagless Upright:

*Only 16.5 pounds - light and easy to use with thorough cleaning power
*Cord Rewind with 27-Foot Cord - no more winding - gently tap the pedal to activate the 27-Foot Cord Rewind and retract the cord to store neatly inside
*Intuitive Power Controls - conveniently positioned where they should be - right at your fingertips
*27-Foot Power Cord - vacuum a large room without re-plugging
*Fabulous Filtration - rinsable filter and high-quality HEPA filter
*No Scuff Bumper - protects furniture when you can?t be as careful as you'd like
*5 Position Carpet Height Adjustment - adjust as needed to clean all flooring types easily and efficiently
*8-Foot Stretch Hose - above-floor cleaning with simple tools
*System Check Indicator - indicates when the filter needs to be cleaned or checked
*Easy Belt Change System & Brushroll Access - simply flip two levers to change the belt or access the brushroll
*Limited 2-year warranty

I love this vacuum. Even better my husband loves this vacuum! Yes since it showed up the other day, courtesy of Hoover, he has not let me touch it. He is doing all the vacuuming! Thank You Hoover! A vacuum that takes the housework away from me...what a thrill. Here is my husbands take on this great Hoover. He loves the power, it really cleans. He says the vacuum is so lightweight and easy to push. His favorite feature is the Rewind cord. A press of the button and the cord rewinds. No having to wrap the cord. I sat back with a cup of coffee and watched my man at work with this new Hoover. He tried all the attachments. He was thrilled with the Upholstery/Dusting Brush. He cleaned the entire house - furniture and all because he was so impressed with the power of the Hoover UH70120. When we looked at the dirt cup we both were amazed at how much dirt was picked up from our clean house. It was easy to empty the dirt cup too. I am so excited to have this WindTunnel® T-Series™ WindTunnel® Rewind™ Bagless Upright UH70120 vacuum.

For a great gift idea consider the WindTunnel® T-Series™ WindTunnel® Rewind™ Bagless Upright series. The prices are reasonable and the features are so useful. Right now if you order direct from Hoover they are offering Free Shipping.

I love Hoover vacuums and have been a Hoover owner as far back as I can remember. I am proud to continue using Hoover.

Many thanks to Hoover for providing the review sample.

Disclosure: I received a gratis sample for this review. No monetary compensation was offered or accepted. The opinions above are my own. Others experience may vary.