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All Natural Dei Frattelli - Review

Sunday, January 17, 2010 Posted by Rita A

Being part Italian I am always craving pasta. My comfort food of choice is a nice plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce. I am thrilled to have found the delicious fresh taste of Dei Fratelli.

Dei Fratelli was founded in 1923 and has since grown to over 100 products today. Dei Fratelli means "of the brothers" in Italian. There are two generations of Hirzel Brothers active in the company.

We remain focused on the very concepts that created our success from the beginning. Developing better relationships with our customers, bringing the highest quality products to dinner tables and continually looking for ways to meet your expectations. For four generations, we’ve been providing innovative ideas and products ... And will continue to do so ... To earn a seat at your dinner table.
I have been using Dei Fratelli Tomato products for a few weeks now and I love the taste. Courtesy of Dei Frattelli, I was able to sample several of their All Natural food items. Each one was a perfect compliment to my cooking. I love the Tomato Basil Jar sauce. It was rich in tomato flavor with a sweetness not overpowering. The spices were perfect. It really made the pasta a fresh tasting meal. I used the crushed tomatoes in a soup I had made. My family loved the added flavor of the tomatoes. It is not an ingredient I normally use in my soups but decided to give it more depth. The guys loved it. The soup had more balance. I would make it that way again. I added the chopped tomatoes and Italian sauce into a slow cooker pot of chili. The fresh flavor really stood out. I think this was my best pot of chili yet. The pizza sauce was perfect on the english muffin pizzas we made. The sauce was delicious and not too sweet. The pizzas were a big hit. Dei Fratelli also makes a fabulous Salsa. On the West Coast we use salsa as much as ketchup. The Casera Salsa was delectable but a little spicy for my taste. It was the medium hot and I prefer the mild salsa heat level. The fresh vegetables in the salsa were so good. This is a salsa I would like to have in the future. I am so impressed with the natural goodness of all the Dei Fratelli products I was able to try. For even more goodness Dei Fratelli features a nice assortment of recipes to try.
You can find Dei Fratelli in stores located in the Midwest, Central and Southeastern states. Not yet available in my grocers on the West Coast. If you are out of the area you can order direct from Dei Fratelli's online store in case packs. I just might have to do that to get more of the fabulous Tomato Sauce Jars.

For freshness to add to your cooking, try Dei Fratelli All Natural Products today.

Many thanks to Jessica and Dei Fratelli for providing the review samples.

Disclosure: I received gratis samples for this review. No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post. The opinions above are my own. Others experience may vary.