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Garth Brooks at the Wynn - Review

Wednesday, January 27, 2010 Posted by Rita A

You know a dream is like a river
Ever changin' as it flows.

Garth Brooks at the Wynn. I just experienced the wonder of Garth. I have been a Garth Brooks fan since the first album release Garth Brooks in 1989. I am proud to say I have every album. From the first television special This is Garth Brooks in 1992 I knew I had to get to the concerts. I did! It took me a while to get to one because he was so popular the concerts were selling out. I tried and tried to get tickets. Finally I was able to get tickets to 2 nights in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - July 4, 5 in 1997 at the Myriad Convention Center. What a rush. The concert was filled with energy. He did run around the stage a lot. It was like he played to every person in the crowd as if they were the only one there. His magic to capture the audience created a fabulous singing session for Unanswered Prayers that brings chills to me to have been a part of. To this day one of the highlights of his performances is the letting of the audience sing it to him. It is a very special moment between the fans and Garth. I wanted to attend more concerts but then he retired from touring. I cried.

I have attended the Benefit concert in Los Angeles for the firefighters. When we left the concert I was in tears, my husband asking why and I said he is too good to be away from country music. He needs to come back. I also attended a charity concert for his Teammates for Kids foundation in Las Vegas. I have donated to Teammates for Kids.

I never stopped listening to the music. I have worn out my collection. I loved when More than a Memory was released. It has all the power I love in Garth's voice. There was a Garth Brooks promotion on our local cable television when it was released and I watched the video for it over and over again, at least 3 dozen times before I stopped counting. Loved it.

When Garth and Steve Wynn made the announcement that he would be performing at the Wynn in Vegas, I cried again. My beloved Garth was coming back. I patiently waited for the ticket sale date and spent over 2 and 1/2 hours online to get my tickets. It was worth it. The show I attended was this past Sunday night 1/24/2010 at the Encore Theater of the Wynn resort. The theater is very beautiful. It is a good intimate size for enjoyment of all. Then he came out - Garth! Garth with just a guitar. No band, no cowboy hat, it was Garth as if he was sitting with you in your living room. Very casual and down to earth, almost approachable, like he was your best friend. He was sharing stories, memories and explaining his music influences. He made you laugh, join in the songs and love him all over again. There were very special moments when his lovely wife Trisha Yearwood came onto the stage. Another of my favorite artists. Her voice is of the angels. Garth and Trisha shared funny moments. Trisha sang a few of her fabulous songs and they also sang the duet In Another's Eyes. Every person in the audience was on their feet. We love Garth and Trisha together.

To my surprise Garth started asking the audience for requests. He brought up the house lights so he could see everyone. When someone made a request he had a story about each song. Precious little stories that made you laugh and gain a whole new insight to Garth and his music. My favorite moment of the night - a gentleman stood up and mentioned he and his wife were celebrating their 38th wedding anniversary and he was shamelessly in love with her. It was a request for my all time favorite song of Garths, Shameless. It gave me goosebumps. Love it! To me the night was over too quick. I could have stayed and listened all night. I loved the casual feel of the show. I missed the cowboy hat and the oh so tight jeans but it was more than that. It was Garth from the heart. It was a moment of sharing a career of music enjoyment. It was for the fans. It was for Garth.

I am anxiously awaiting the announcement of the new show dates so I can go again. I want more.

Thank you Mr. Wynn for bringing Garth to the stage. He was missed. He will always be loved. He will always be Garth. Thank you Garth for the music. Welcome back.