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Happy Blogoversary to Me!

Sunday, January 24, 2010 Posted by Rita A

Today, January 24th, is my Blogoversary. It was one year ago today that I started my adventure in blogging. 598 posts later (no wonder my fingers hurt), I am still amazed everyday about blogging. For the first few months I was just learning how to do everything. I had no idea what HTML meant. I could not figure out any layouts or add gadgets. I started with a blogger basic template. Since then I have had two designs. After a few testing the waters months, I really started blogging. I have been blogging almost every day since. In honor of my Blogoversary I thought I would answer my own mini interview. Here it goes:

How did you choose your blog name?
For years I have collected recipe clippings I found from magazines or newspapers. I was accumulating so many I separated them in different boxes. The ones I really wanted to make I called One to try! I was always finding One 2 Try.

What is your favorite part of blogging?
The writing. I enjoy watching my thoughts about something come together. I try to write with personality and humor, while trying not to get chocolate on the keyboard.

How did you choose your direction for your blog?
I started just writing about oddball stuff. Not with any purpose. I was at a store one day and it hit me how I like to try new foods. I found my direction in food. I added recipes and since have branched out to household products, personal products and much more. Everywhere I look I see One 2 Try.

If you can have another blog what would it be about?
That's a secret. I have two more blogs in mind. We will see if I can bring them to life. Stay tuned.

What advice can you give to other bloggers starting out?
Stay true to your blog voice. Write about what you like. Take it as far as you are comfortable with going. IF it becomes work and you lose the joy of blogging, you are doing too much. Keep it your happy place.

What have you appreciated from your first year?
The friends and acquaintances I have made along this journey. From my fellow blogging friends, to fabulous reps, to the wonderful readers that make blogging the joy that is is for me. And the delete key!

What do you do in your spare time?
Spare time?... When you blog there doesn't seem to be spare time. There is always something going on that involves the blog. I have laundry piles to prove it.

There you have it everyone. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to experience the Blogosphere. I am here for the fun of sharing with you. You are the most important aspect of blogging, my readers.

A special shout out to Leslie for being there. Most of all, my heartfelt gratitude to my loving husband who puts up with supports me and my blogging dreams.

Look around you...there is always One 2 Try.