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I can see clearly now the rain has gone!

Saturday, January 23, 2010 Posted by Rita A

Wow what a week. It was one of the most rain filled weeks ever. Wacky Weather. From the crazy rare tornadoes in Southern California to the massive flooding. Homes were flooded. Freeways were closed due to flooding. Getting home to certain areas was taking 3 to 4 hours because of all the flooded streets. My hubby was caught in some of the flooded areas while working and he had a dickens of a time getting home. Other major travelways were closed due to snow and ice. It may sound not so bad compared to winter weather in other states but let me put it in perspective for you. From this week of storms alone, downtown Los Angeles has received 4.21 inches of rain. Our normal for the entire year is around 6 inches total. We are now at 3.44 inches above our normal rainfall amount for the entire year! It is not fun to get nearly a years worth of rain in one week.

Even the innocent were caught up in the floods. Watch the video of a dog rescue below:

Some comments were made to the news as to why the city would use its resources to save a dog. Two reasons - 1. Compassion, the poor dog was stressed and with so many people trying to help they had to do something before other folks jumped in. 2. It was a perfect training exercise for the rescuers to get more experience for rescuing people. I watched the entire rescue take place live and I was screaming "hold on puppy, hold on puppy" when they finally had him in the air. I clapped when they brought him to safety. It was a bright spot in a dreary day. By the way the rescuer was bit by the very scared dog but he is fine. The dog is too! They transferred the shepherd mix to a vet hospital that warmed him up from the cold waters. The poor dog had worn his nails all the way down trying to claw his way out of the LA River flood channel. They are treating his injuries. If the owner does not come forward he will be up for adoption. There are already many folks interested in adopting him. I hope the folks decide to help another dog in need of a home if they can't get Vernon. The vet named him Vernon because that is where they found him. With my sense of humor I would have named him Phelps, like the swimmer.

Today is calm, bright and sunny. We have a chance to dry out us waterlogged Californians. I bet some people are on the beach trying to get a tan. We are strange like that. We took our dog to a fairly large park for a much needed outside walk this morning. The park has added a lake. There is a huge lake in the middle of the park now from all the rain. It is very pretty. So pretty that hundreds of ducks were swimming on the new lake. Lovely. We have snow too. The local mountains gained nearly 5 feet of snow from the storms. Now there is a rush for the skiers and snowboarders to get to the snow. We are crazy like that too. The resort was filled to capacity. They had to turn away the crowds.

I am off now to enjoy the sunshine. The next rain is expected on Tuesday. Then it all starts again. Got to love those El Nino Weather patterns.