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New Chocolates from Endangered Species - Review

Tuesday, January 05, 2010 Posted by Rita A

It is officially known I am a confirmed chocoholic. I enjoy finding and enjoying new chocolate tastes. There is a new chocolate line coming from Endangered Species Chocolates that I had the pleasure of sampling before its debut. Keep your eyes out for this line of chocolates as they are pure chocolate deliciousness.

Introducing the Premium Organic Chocolate Bars in a 1.4oz size from Endangered Species. I received 5 of the bars in different flavors to devour sample. Starting with the Organic Dark Chocolate naturally flavored Cherry bar. This bar is deep rich 70% cocoa with a very pleasing cherry flavor. I love anything cherry and this bar is very satisfying. Yes this is good. Next is the milk chocolate flavored with peanut butter. I liked it but it was not a filled bar but a flavored bar. It is a nice peanut butter treat in a creamy tasting milk chocolate. My favorite of the new Premium Organic bars is the Dark Chocolate with natural orange flavoring. This is a real taste treat. It is refreshingly orange with the rich dark 70% cocoa chocolate. Very nice taste. The Endangered Species Premium Organic bars also come in a 43% cocoa Milk Chocolate bar and a 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate bar. The new bars are not yet available on the website but keep checking for the updates.

Endangered Species cares about the earth by donating 10% of all proceeds to help support species, habitat and humanity. I enjoyed browsing the Endangered Species website and found myself drawn in to the African Wildlife Foundation Adoption Center.

Each adoption gift contains:

A plush toy, representing the animal you adopt for them.
A 1 year e-membership to African Wildlife Foundation.
Delicious all-natural chocolate from Endangered Species Chocolate, and…
The satisfaction of having helped protect Africa’s magnificent wildlife!

The gift is cute and you can choose from 9 different animals. Starting at $30.00 and increasing in levels, the Adoption Gifts are reasonable and unique. Plus they include chocolate!

In my area Endangered Species Chocolates can be found at my local Walgreens and Whole Foods Markets. You can order many wonderful chocolates and more direct from Endangered Species Chocolate website.  Experience a delicious chocolate and try Endangered Species Chocolates today. Your tastebuds and the environment will thank you.

Many thanks to Kelly and Endangered Species Chocolates for providing the review samples.

Disclosure: I received gratis samples for this review. No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post. The opinions above are my own. Others experience may vary.