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Vivabox for Valentine's Day

Sunday, January 10, 2010 Posted by Rita A

Here is a fantastic gift idea for Valentine's Day. Vivabox. Many of you may remember a review I posted in November about Vivabox. The concept of Vivabox is a gift giving experience. It is a theme gift with many wonderful themes to choose from. You choose the perfect theme for your gift recipient. They receive their Vivabox filled with samples based on the theme you have chosen, but that is not all. There is an additional aspect of the gift. They get to visit Vivabox to redeem a gift card for their choice of another component of the theme! It makes it special when they receive your choice of gift and makes it personal when they can choose something they like.

The themes of Vivabox vary. A good choice as a general gift is a Magazine Vivabox. You can choose either a Women's or Men's Magazines Vivabox. The box includes 7 or 8 full magazine issues plus a Gift card for a subscription to any one of the participating magazines. For only $29.95 the Magazine Vivabox makes a great year-long gift.

There are many Vivabox themes to choose from with varying prices. Take a look at all the themes to find the one special gift for your loved one. Here is a discount code for your purchase of a Vivabox. Use the code Vday10 for 10% off - good through February 15th, 2010. Your Valentine's would be very happy with a gift from Vivabox. It is more than a gift, it is an experience.

Disclosure: No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post. The opinions above are my own. Others experience may vary.