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Wacky Weather - Wackier Husband

Tuesday, January 19, 2010 Posted by Rita A

Whoever said it never rains in California was out of their mind. We have had a series of severe storms here the past two days and we are not done yet. I live near Huntington Beach in Southern California. Today started out calm then the storm moved in from the ocean. It started pouring buckets in a matter of minutes. Wind, thunder, lightning and very black skies.

That was not the wacky part. We were informed by the news there was a Tornado warning. In Orange County California...a Tornado warning. Apparently one was spotted off the ocean and it was heading in our direction. My city was involved. I quickly shut down my computer and began tornado preparations. I lived in Oklahoma for a short while so I knew what to do and tried to explain it to my crazy hubby who was outside watching the sky for it. Yep crazy! I dragged him inside and told him to stay away from the windows. Then we heard the police dept driving up and down the streets announcing the tornado warning on the PA systems. A few minutes after that we received a reverse 911 call from the city telling us to watch or listen to the news for further instruction. Again I remind you this is Orange County California. Folks don't know what to do for tornadoes. They were sitting on the beach waiting for it. Even my hubby was outside watching the clouds swirl around with a video camera in case it came. It was a crazy wild few hours. I was going nuts. I had to do something during this craziness. I stayed in the kitchen, watching the news and made cookies. I am crazy like that.

And then it was over. The rain moved on through, leaving a lot of flooded streets. There was a report of an overturned car that may have been hit by a tornado. The weather bureau is investigating. My home is pretty waterlogged. The backyard is flooded. Our swimming pool is filled to the rim. The street is partially flooded. The really bad part is a much stronger storm is set to hit tomorrow and last through Thursday. Our news is on 24/7 Storm Watch. Now the news helicopters are in the air looking for damage and flooding. They are finding it. Lots of cars stranded in flooded streets. A few buildings with wind damage. It is not yet confirmed there was an actual tornado touchdown. It has been a wacky weather day.

See the Rainbow?

After all the weird weather... a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky. A bright full arch rainbow. It was so pretty and peaceful.

Tomorrow it begins again until this winter weather pattern passes us by. Come on Summertime!