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Dear So and So

Saturday, February 20, 2010 Posted by Rita A

I have seen these letters to so and so on many blogs. I think it is a great idea. Here are some of my, I wish I could send these letters.

Dear Trash Digger,
There is a reason I do not put my trash at the curb on trash day until the truck is right on the block. I find it repulsive to have you digging through it. It may be trash but it is my trash. I know what nasty things are in there. You also make a mess. Everytime I see you digging in cans I just say Ewwww.

Dear next door neighbor,
I realize you have 3 families living your home. Please be considerate while parking. You have been parking in front of my home in such a way that no one can park in front or behind you. Must you take up the middle?

Dear NBC,
I hope for the next Olympics you can put a mute button on the narrators for the Opening Ceremonies. So annoying.

Dear comment spambots,
I have the comments moderated. Your comments are not welcomed on my blog. I and my readers would not like to hear about your low drug prices or your ways to get rich. They are always rejected.

Dear Captcha,
Seriously. Why the really long, hard to read words lately? Do you need to keep increasing the amount of letters for all the users using your program? Pretty soon we will have to spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Wow I feel better. Try it on your blog. It is liberating.

Enjoy your day.


  1. ~J said...

    LOL! These cracked me up..and I can def. relate! Off to write my Dear So and So letter now!

  2. Acting Balanced Mom said...

    Love this idea... I'm saving it for a day when I'm having a writer's block moment... I wish there was a way to mute only commentators on EVERY sporting event... sometimes they just totally take away from a person's enjoyment of the moment!

  3. The Pipster said...

    Dear Rita, I will try this. I need a feel better day :)

  4. Mommy to a lil lady[bug] said...

    agree with the spambots so annyoing! and the captcha is like half the alphabet!

  5. Matthew T. said...

    Way to go, this is an interesting post. NBC needing a mute button is so funny!

  6. Ms Bibi said...

    I used to have neighbors like that when we lived in Vancouver. It drove me nuts.

    Spambots are so annoying. One day I had 57 spams on my site.

  7. vrtish55 said...

    Love it! Also you are so right on the captcha, almost feel like you have to stand on your head to figure some of the letters out at times also. Keep up the good work. I'm enjoying reading!

  8. Momma Fargo said...

    LOL! I'm glad you got that off your shoulders.

  9. Amy said...

    I totally agree with the last one. The worst was when I was trying to make an appointment with the eye doctor, and I couldn't figure out the letters. I felt like they were mocking me! :)

  10. Brenda Susan said...

    Hi Rita, thnx so much for the comment & yes I understand the FF now & love it! I have more followers & am following many more wonderful blogs!
    This is a great post, I think I may try venting thru unmailed letters also!

  11. Missy said...

    How long did it take you to spell out supercali . . . etc???

  12. Jessica said...

    Hhmmm, are you sure we don't have the same neighbors?

  13. Danielle said...

    I can totally relate on the last one. So annoying.

  14. Julie said...

    Oh Rita, I love these. I just might have to do something like that too. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great weekend and God Bless!!

  15. Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

    One of my pet peeves, when someone parks right in the middle, leaving no room for anyone else to park!

  16. Emmy said...

    You have a trash digger in your neighborhood? So not fun, I wouldn't put mine out until last minute than either.. and I would shred the heck out of any paper or document.

    In my subdivision most of the houses have four car garages, yet since it is southern California no one parks in their garages and our next door neighbor always has at least 5 or 6 cars at their house, one of which is always parked in front of ours, drives me crazy! We use our garage for a garage thank you.

  17. Jayne said...

    I lifted it and gave you credit! This was funny.

  18. Katie said...

    THIS is funny!! I feel the same way some days! LOL!! Hilarious. Thank you for an afternoon laugh!

    Friday Follow!