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Memory Lane - thinking back on Valentine's Past.

Sunday, February 14, 2010 Posted by Rita A

I am missing my Valentine today. He is still in Vancouver working at the Olympics. This is the first Valentine's we are not together. It made me think of many Valentine's days from my past. Presenting a trip down memory lane.

When I was little, my father always came home with a cute little Valentine chocolate heart and a box of Conversation hearts for his girls and a big heart for my mom.

As we grew older my mom would take us to the stores the day after Valentines to pick out a heart at half price! No wonder to this day I am so thrifty.

In high school they always did "friendship" day on Valentines where you could purchase roses in different colors for different meanings and they would be delivered to the person of your choice. I always got white ones meaning friendship from my good friends. I always envied the girls who got lots of red ones.

My high school boyfriend took me to a fancy restaurant one Valentines day and I later found out he never paid the bill. He told me it was taken care of and we walked out the door together. I could not understand why he was in such a hurry to get in the car. I had no idea. Sorry Mr. Restaurant owner.

This one is ugly - while myself and my Ex husband were shopping for groceries the day before Valentine's day, he told me to pick out a nice flower arrangement in a keepsake vase for Valentines. I thought it was kind of romantic. Until we were at the register. He paid for everything then handed me the vase and shouted to me, "keep the vase and buy your own stupid flowers from now on!" I was mortified as the clerks were all staring at me while he stormed out of the store. I took my flowers and cried my way out of the store and walked home. You know what though....I still have the vase but I got rid of the husband!

Many years of Valentines have been happy ones. Now I am with the love of my life. One Valentines he sent me a huge bouquet of roses to my work. All the girls around me were jealous of my 2 dozen red roses bouquet.

This Valentine's we are apart but as special as he is, he bought me a See's Candies Chocolate Heart and gave it to me before he left. So thoughtful. I gave him two garden plants. He loves to be in his garden.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day filled with memories.

Enjoy your day!


  1. JoeyRes said...

    That's quite a Valentine's Day date when your boyfriend stiffs the restaurant and rushes you the car! Hope you and your sweetie have lots of time to make up for your lost holiday after the closing ceremonies.

  2. sharonjo said...

    Sorry you and your husband can't be together today. His work at the Olympics sounds so exciting and glamorous to me, but does mean a long separation for the two of you unfortunately.

    I had a similar stiffing-the-restaurant experience in college. My cousin from out of town invited me and a bunch of my girlfriends out to dinner in a nice restaurant, acting like the last of the big-time spenders. Well, years later I found out he'd never paid the bill either!! Very embarrassing; hope none of my girlfriends ever found out!

    Happy Valentine's Day. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. littledeadmommy said...

    There is always next year...and I'm sure it'll be better than a dine and dash or an evil ex husband (that had to have been horrible).

  4. Evonne said...

    Buy you own flowers? Wow! I'm sorry you had to deal with that.

    It's pretty cool your Valentine is in Vancouver, but it stinks he's not with you right now. I'm sure hes missing you, too.

  5. Shell said...

    The ex one- OUCH.

    Hope this one was much better!

  6. Anonymous said...

    Wow never knew some of those stories from my wife. Better read her blog more often. I do miss her and as someone said we will have many more Valentines together.
    I love you so much will be home soon!

  7. Rita A. said...

    Yes the above comment is from my hubby. If he starts reading my blog more often I could be in trouble. LOL.