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Off to Vancouver

Friday, February 05, 2010 Posted by Rita A

This is so exciting to be part of the Winter Olympics. My husband, the love of my life, is a television camera operator. He has been in the business for over 26 years. He is on his way to the Vancouver Winter Olympics. This is not his first visit to work the Olympic coverage. He was at Salt Lake City, Los Angeles and the Atlanta games. I have on many occasions sat right next to his camera during baseball games, celebrity interviews, and concerts. I even had the opportunity to operate a camera for a few brief minutes to see what it was like (off the air of course). Boy those directors can really yell in the headsets. I am the one who gets star struck each time but to him... it is his job. He does get excited about all the different types of shows he works on and to this day he will tell you he loves his job.

This shot is him at his camera from the Anaheim Ducks Stanley Cup Championship game a few years back. That was a dream of his to be part of the Stanley Cup Game. He is a big hockey fan.

So here he goes off to Vancouver. His coverage will include the opening and closing ceremonies as well as some of the medal ceremonies. The Winter Olympics start on February 12th. When you are watching the opening night ceremonies and the other events, now you know a real person behind the coverage. A person with a passion for television. A person with a family who could not be more proud. Have fun at the games.


  1. junebug said...

    Yeah! That is so cool. Know that I will be watching every minute of the games so now it will be even more exciting. :-)

  2. SamiJoe said...


  3. Tessica said...

    how neat!

  4. Leslie M. said...

    We know a real celebrity!! woooo hoooo! :) Your a proud wife!
    How great!
    Leslie Loves Veggies

  5. Pricilla said...

    Cool. What a shame you can't go with him!

  6. Bea's Gift Basket' said...

    Have a safe & wonderful trip!

  7. Tracie said...

    Cool job!

  8. Jessica said...

    What a neat job. Isn't it hard to have him gone so much? I 'm here from Friday Follow!

  9. ~ Noelle said...

    How cool!
    So very, very COOL!!!
    I had no idea! LOL

  10. sharonjo said...

    Some people just have the best jobs ever!! Glad your husband is one of them!

  11. Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

    Have a great time!

    My husband works in lighting and I love tagging along with him. It is so much fun. At times, I get star struck too, but it usually never phases your husband, it is his job.

  12. LMJ said...

    wow!! that's so freaking cool!!! :D I'll be watching the games. I love the Olympics!!!

  13. Laura said...

    what a neat opportunity to see so many things! We'll be at the Winter games this year so if I see him (among the huge sea of people) I'll say hi :)

    Thanks for stopping by blog.

  14. Bethany said...

    That's SO cool! I'm not really a sports fan in general but whenever the Olympics come on I'm hooked. Plus, I visited Vancouver in September so it's extra fun for me to watch :)