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Victorian House Scones - Review with Discount

Monday, February 22, 2010 Posted by Rita A

My sister has always said scones are so easy to make. I have never made them before. Imagine my excitement when I was introduced to the fabulous scone mixes from Victorian House Scones. What makes Victorian House Scone Mixes so special is the flavor variety. They even won Best New Product at the World Tea Expo 2009 for the Scone Mixes. Tea and Scones a perfect combination.

A little history: Victorian House Scones started with a passion for British novels combined with the known heritage from Edinburgh, Scotland. I first encountered the sheer indulgence of warm, fresh scones when I was in graduate school. A wonderful Scottish lady lived in the apartment downstairs. On Sunday mornings, she would make a fresh batch of scones, wait until she heard my footsteps above her, and then call and tell me she’d made too many, and I would come down and help her eat them. Who could resist? Twenty years have passed on a quest for the perfect scone recipe. The Scone Lady would make the scones several times weekly to sell them. In 2002 she decided to sell the mixes for her scones. Her deicision was a good one. Victorian House Scones was created.

I was sent two of her Scone mixes for this review. My flavors of choice - Lemon Poppyseed and the Original Oatmeal. The mixes come in lovely packages. The mix needs just a few fresh ingredients to make your scones. The Lemon Poppyseed needed buttermilk, butter, lemon juice and powdered sugar for the glaze. Buttermilk is not something I normally have on hand so off the store I went. I had no trouble making the scone mix. It actually was pretty easy and a lot of fun. Following the directions was very simple. The fun part for me was when the dough forms a ball. You knead it a few times, then simply cut the flattened dough ball into eight wedges. Each package of mix makes 16 scones. You will have two dough balls to work with. If you only want eight for the moment, the other dough ball can be frozen for later use. A tip that the Scone Lady provided about freezing - rather than freeze the ball of dough, cut the scones, lay them on a cookie sheet, and freeze them as individual, ready-to-bake scones. Bag them up a couple of hours later. When you want more scones--freezer to preheated oven to table takes just shy of 20 minutes! Brilliant! Fresh scones for another day. The baking time is only 12 to 18 minutes. They smelled so fabulous while baking. My home was filled with a lovely lemony aroma. I made the lemon sugar glaze for my scones. One bite of these delightful lemony treats warm from the oven with the melted glaze...pure Heaven. The lemon flavor is delicate while the glaze adds a lovely lemon sugary sweetness to the scones. I instantly had to make a cup of tea to enjoy the scones. Scrumptious. I am saving the Original Oatmeal mix for a family get together we have coming up. I love the Oatmeal mix because you can add other ingredients like chocolate chips or raisins. I was even thinking chopped apples with cinnamon might be tasty. I will have to let you know how I made them. The ease of preparation of the Victorian House Scone mixes will keep me coming back to purchase more.

Victorian House Scones offers a nice variety of scone mixes in all sorts of flavors. Original, Original Oatmeal, Butter Brickle, Gingerbread, Indian Chai, Lemon Poppyseed and Pumpkin Spice. I already know I want to try the Butter Brickle and the Pumpkin. Besides the scone mixes you will also find Biscuit Mixes and Cookies Mixes. How about a Lemon Gingerbread Shortbread cookie mix? Oh my those sound delicious.

I know your mouth is watering now so I have a special for you courtesy of Victorian House Scones. If ANY reader would like to try the fabulous mixes from Victorian House Scones - they are offering a 20% discount off your order now through March 7. All you have to do is to mention One 2 Try in the comment section of the order form to claim the discount.

Take advantage of the savings to get a few mixes to have on hand. Try one or try them all. Once you make scones with Victorian House mixes you may want to make them quite often. I already have my order in mind.

Many thanks to Victorian House Scones for providing the review samples.

Disclosure: I received gratis samples for this review. No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post. The opinions above are my own. Others experience may vary.


  1. The Pipster said...

    Rita, YUM, scones are my favorite. I may order the Gingerbread. -Pippi