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Dear So and So

Saturday, March 06, 2010 Posted by Rita A

This week my Dear So and So letters revolve around my dog Pepper. She is a small dog. Chihuahua mixed with Papillon or terrier. We do not know for sure. This week she made me laugh a lot.

Dear Pool Man,
When you came to our home to work on the pool filter, could you have at least warned us that you were going to be making the strangest noises in the backyard? I was concentrating at my computer with Pepper sleeping in her bed right next to my desk. From the backyard there came the weirdest, loudest screeching noise I have ever heard! It completely startled me, then I looked at my dog and she was staring back at me with this "What the Heck was That?" look. Her poor ears were all tucked back and she just kept staring at me. The funniest part was I said out loud  "What the Heck was That?" at the same time I glanced at her. Then the strange noise grew louder. Her eyes got bigger! I was in hysterics laughing so hard. Off she went to investigate the happenings in her yard. Barking all the way. Next time please warn us.

Dear Dog Shampoo Company,
I used your new shampoo and I don't remember the bottle having a warning label saying that it may create a frizz ball. Poor Pepper was so frizzy and fluffy with fur standing in every direction. It was like she was twice the size! It was so bad I had to take her to the groomer for a brush out. She did smell really good though.

Dear Dog Groomer,
Yes my dog is frizzy, we tried a new shampoo. I asked you for a brush out with no trimming. So when I picked her back up, you trimmed her. I guess I was not clear on the NO part. You said you had to make her fur all even. I am okay with that but you cut her cute little furry ears. It takes a long time to grow her cute furry ears. Last time you completely shaved her which is why I said NO trimming. Time to find a new groomer or use the frizzy shampoo again!

Dear Dad,
You said my little dog needed lap band surgery. Geesh Dad, she is just fluffy from the shampoo, or so I thought until the groomer trimmed her down. Holy cow she is a pudgebutt! You know the vet did say she should only weigh around 8 pounds. The porker weighs 11. Okay Dad, Pepper is mad at you because she is not getting any more treats. One good thing is she is getting extra walks with me. She will be a hot chihuahua mix in no time.

My last letter for Pepper this week:

Dear Hubby,
You have been gone for a month in Vancouver. Were you really that surprised when your own dog was barking at you when you came running to the door? It took her a moment to figure it out. Now it is a big love fest.

So how was your week? Did you have any Dear So an So moments?


  1. The Pipster said...

    A pudgebutt! LOL. She is adorable.

  2. Tiffanee said...

    Thanks for the good laugh!! Love the dog. Mine is a somewhat similar breed. He makes me laugh all the time.

  3. Dondi said...

    I love your dear so & so letters. I had a lot of them this week. Not nearly as good as yours tho

  4. afineday said...

    What a cutie Pepper is! Glad to read your hubby made it home safely.

  5. Wendi P said...

    Thanks for more Dear So and So letters. I look forward to reading these so please keep writing them!

    Here is my version:
    Dear Freeway Driver in the far left lane,
    Just because you were considerate enough to actually use your blinker does not mean that you do not have to look before changing lanes. You almost ran me and my kids off of the road so that you could take your exit. Was it really worth endangering the lives of those driving in the other 3 lanes of traffic so that you could exit the freeway?

  6. Marla said...

    What a face!!

  7. Mrs. Newlywed Giggles said...

    Pepper is cute!
    Sucks about the frizzy shampoo... didn't even know dogs hair can get frizzy! LOL

  8. The Holmes Crew said...

    following via FF!

  9. Jacki said...

    This had me in stitches! I might have to borrow your idea and start making that a weekly thing on my blog. Heaven knows I have many dear so & so letters I could write every week!