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Dear So and So....

Saturday, March 13, 2010 Posted by Rita A

It was a pretty tame week and I really did not have any so and so moments. Not too much aggravated me. Guess it is the lovely spring weather coming around. I did have a few ideas though. Here are the letters I wanted to write:

Dear Toyota,
Couldn't you just say Ooops and find the problem already? We have a Toyota Highlander. Love it. It is the best ever and so awesome to drive it. With all the media attention and your obvious problems I am scared to be in it. How about a Toyota buy back program? We can't even sell this right now if we wanted to.

Dear Other Car Manufacturers,
You are not exempt from problems either. I remember the Ford Pinto explosion fiasco. How about the recent bankruptcy of your companies? Yes Toyota may be under the microscope right now but it still does not make me want to buy a car from you either.

Dear Vehicle Developer,
I am still waiting for my George Jetson Space Car!

Dear Swap Meet Seller,
Seriously we are at a swap meet. Your junk is not priceless and it is not ebay. I would have bought that cute little frog table if you did not want gold bars for it. So I see your booth every weekend and you still have the frog table. You should have taken my offer. I guess you like hauling it around each week.

Dear Other Swap Meet Seller,
Why are you selling pepper spray on a low table where that very curious boy could reach it? You were standing right there and so was I along with about 6 others, when that future rocket scientist pressed the spray. Not only did you run, everyone in your booth was choking and running as well. The little boy was the only one standing in the booth and he looked very scared. No one could reach him. Pepper spray and little kids don't mix. I hope you find something else to sell for two dollars that is less dangerous next time.

Dear Dad,
My dog Pepper loves you. You have been keeping her at a distance for a long time. I am so thrilled that you let her get close to you this past visit. She followed you around everywhere. When you sat in your favorite spot on the sofa, she was right next to you. She put her head down on your leg and was falling asleep. We told you about how she gassed us out the day before and we had to leave the room. She is potent all right. All of a sudden you started laughing and saying "That dog did it!" You got up so fast laughing all the way out of the room. Then we all became aware of the aroma. It was a room clearer all right! Then we all looked back at Pepper.... she had stretched out on the sofa taking over the entire area. I think it was her plan. Sorry Dad. But she did make you laugh. Pepper says it was mom's fault for giving her some turkey leftovers.

Dear person who thinks bloggers have nothing to do,
To say I have not much to do is so far off base. Help me out fellow bloggers, we know what it takes to run a blog. You have no idea what goes on behind the scenes of One 2 Try. When I am not in front of my computer, doing research, sending emails, writing posts, contacting winners and so on, in my spare time I may get to take the dog for a walk or take a phone call. Then there are the days when I can't even get to the blog for all the errands that are piling up or wanting to spend a few precious hours with my husband when he has a day off. Nothing to do? I think you missed the point. I was having a super happy, nothing was bothering me week. It did not mean I was doing nothing. It just meant I smiled more this week. Spring is coming and I am enjoying the weather. I debated on removing your comment but it gave me something to write about. Guess I needed something to do!

Matthew has apologized and removed his comment. He was not meaning anything intentional and I truly accept his apology.  Thank you Matthew. I wish you the best in your school work and I love your photo stories.

So how was your week? Did you have any Dear So and So moments to share?


  1. Amanda said...

    I loved reading all of your letters! If only we could send those things in.. :)

  2. Tree said...

    What a cute idea!! I sometimes wish I could send some letters out like that! LOL

    Just out visiting on this rainy weekend! Take care :)

  3. The Pipster said...

    Rita, loved your post. Pepper spray where a child can reach it?@ Yikes! How moronic! Funny story about your Dad and Pepper.

  4. Teddy Started It said...

    Oooo...poor Matthew. You've still got a little learning to do. It's just never a good idea to tell a woman she must not have 'much to do'.

    Love the Pepper story:D

  5. Marla said...

    Matthew, Matthew, Matthew, looks like you will be attending the school of hard knocks for awhile.

  6. Jackie said...

    I love your Dear So and So letters. You have no idea how many I would like to write. Keep em coming!

  7. Shana said...

    Yep Matthew, you bit the big one. It takes a lot of time and energy to run a blog and even more when you do reviews and giveaways. Wise up bud, you must not have hit the true adult life yet.

    Rita- I totally get the spring feeling. I have missed out a lot this week because my computer crashed and I had 6 reviews to post and I had to contact all those people to tell them and it was crazy but things are getting smoother. Have a great night!

  8. Matthew T. said...

    I just took off that post. I truly apologize to anyone that found it objectionable. It was wrong for me to say. I hope all is well and again that was unintentional.