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Dear So and So....

Saturday, March 20, 2010 Posted by Rita A

Here I go with my Dear So and So letters of the week. These are the letters I wish I could send.

Dear Octomom,
I was so happy when you finally disappeared from all the news, all the time. Now you are right back in it. Who did you think was going to make your house payment? I wish you the best for your childrens sake.

Dear Sandra Bullock,
Congrats on the Oscar. I am a big fan. My fave movie is Practical Magic. I have watched it at least a dozen times. I am sorry real life has Blind Sided you. Jesse - shame on you. I can only go by what the media is reporting and we all know how they like to sensationalize everything. I pray you both find the love in your hearts that brought you together to work past the hurt. To the tattoo homewrecking model, I have a few choice words you can ink on your skin. Shame on you too. We love you Sandra. Stay beautiful.

Dear Mistress of Tiger Woods,
Seriously! I don't think you can make him look any worse. With each new detail you bring out, you are only making yourself look the fool. Was he wrong? Yes! But what on Earth were you thinking?

Dear Planet Earth,
I apologize for what we have done to you. Global warming and all. But could you please not rebel against us with so many earthquakes? You are making me nervous in Southern California. A big truck goes by and I am ducking for cover. One little house creak and I am convinced the big one is coming. I keep asking my family, was that an earthquake? Hold on. My desk is shaking. Oh false alarm, a fat cat jumped on it.

Dear Henry Ford,
I have a theory about global warming. It is all your fault. You created the production line that eventually led to all these cars. Think about it. I'm just saying.

Dear Toyota,
I have a theory about your troubles too. I think the cruise control is getting triggered on its own somehow. The driver has not set it, so the cruise control does not know when to stop accelerating! The driver does not know it is waiting for a stopping mileage. Hmmmm I'm just saying. If you have a spare car I would be happy to test it for you.

Dear Skin,
Thanks for the really ugly breakout. I have to hide in my computer cave for a few days. Hubby will slip the food tray under the door.

I hope everyone had a really good week.


  1. Mighty M said...

    Feel so bad for Sandra!

    And the Octomom - yikes, just pay your bills!!

    I have been dealing with breakouts too - so annoying, I'm too old for acne. :)

  2. Natalie said...

    This is too funny!
    I heard from a friend's dad back in Junior High that zits NEVER end.....great.....!

  3. SB said...

    HILARIOUS! and might i add? you are the first to inform me of Sandra Bullock's woes. thanks. so so sad...time to go check perez. apparently i am not keep up properly with my smut!

    not too serious i hope

  4. mom2ahrj said...

    love love love these dear so-and-so letters! always make me smile!

    as for the breakouts, i NEVER suffered from them that much in high school but it got bad once i hit my 30's - the ONLY thing i found that works was switching to mineral make-up - nothing that expensive (e.l.f. and everyday minerals are very affordable lines) - good luck!

  5. Ann On and On... said...

    That was funny! I need to do this.... maybe next week. :D

  6. Brittney said...

    Gah i havent had cable for a week and I dont know whats going on!

    Your letters are funny.. I love the one about hiding in your cave and letting the hubby slide food to you (my face looks horrible i need to be hiding too until it clears up) haha

  7. Shana said...

    The Sandra Bullock thing is killing me. I really thought they would be ok. I didn't even hear about the octomom thing yet. I am right there with you on the skin issue.

  8. Misty said...

    wow, these are hillarious. I have the same problems with my face too! Would you mind if I did the same "Dear So and So" on my page? Seems like a lot of fun.

  9. Joy said...

    These were funny! Though Global Warming is false- it was proven that the earth is actually cooling, not warming. That would explain the SNOW FALLING outside on the first day of spring. *SIGH* I'm so ready for some warm weather!

    My fave was the "fat cat jumping on the desk"! LOL!

  10. I'm a full-time mummy said...

    Hilarious post! I thought the Octomum thing has died down already! Gosh....

  11. Lisa said...

    Love it! And agree on every issue.

    (I lived in Southern California during my childhood. I remember those little tremors!)

    Lisa @
    All That and a Box of Rocks

  12. Lluvia said...

    ah yeah...that Sandra thing is just sad! I love her and her movies!! I have yet to see the Blind Side!

    Octomom is back??? uughhh!! She and the Gosselins, I'M TIRED OF THEM!

    the Planet Earth one, YES YES YES YES!!! Amen!

  13. kristi said...

    My face keeps breaking out and I am 36..what is going on??

  14. G-Zell said...

    I LOVe sandra my heart breaks for her..yep on the tiger mistress yep I wish they would go away already! enough!...... octomom man I have so much to say but I will just wish her well LOL...

  15. Lindsay said...

    Great post! I agree with you! I feel so bad for Sandra!

  16. Ms. Random said...

    I was JUST thinking about beginning a "Letters I'll Never Send" series on my blog. You may have inspired me to go for it!


  17. I'm just the MOM said...

    ok seriously that was funny! poor sandra...we love you girl! and ugghhhh the octo drama....blah blah blah. i need to do this like once a week too and let out my frustrations with main screen america.
    and what in the world is up with adult breakouts?! i'm suffering from FOUR!!!

  18. gamommy2two said...

    I love Sandra Bullock. She is one of the truly classy and wonderful actresses of our time. It's a shame she's having to deal with this.
    I love these Dear So and So letters.

  19. carissa @ lowercase letters said...

    this is super funny! love it. can't wait to follow your blog!

  20. Emmy said...

    Great letters! I feel sorry for Sandra too.

  21. lfhpueblo said...

    I like to look at the Global and U.S. earthquake tracker thing I found on an internet search. You'd be surprised how many earthquakes happen every week in the U.S. I mean we even had one in February here in Colorado. We don't get them that often, but we do get them. Alaska is the one, besides California that's been getting a ton lately, and Oklahoma has had a few too.
    I don't believe in global warming. I believe most warming and cooling cycles are just that cycles related to the magna moving beneath the earth's crust, which is also responsible for many of the earthquakes and how they move around where they may be more problematic in one area of the world over another in a century.
    Plus volcanic activity forming beneath the earth's crust is also responsible for some of this.
    I feel sorry for Sandra Bullock, but the rich and famous are not immune to husband's that cheat.
    I like your Dear So and So section.