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Take It All Off Thursday! - Nutrisystem Update.

Thursday, March 11, 2010 Posted by Rita A

Wow week two of my Nutrisystem journey has just ended. I had a very good week. No hunger! I am eating a variety of foods so I am not wanting anything off the program. Actually I have been craving hot salty french fries. As I munch on my celery, here is how I did this past week. Drum Roll please.... I lost another 3 pounds! That makes a total of 6 in my first two weeks of Nutrisystem.

I did what I said from last weeks post. I tried to get a larger variety of vegetables in my meals. I told hubby I think I am growing long ears and a wiggly nose. I hope to visit a farmers market in the area this weekend to find even more new veggies. I love trying ones that are new to me.

This week I want to tell you more about the actual food of Nutrisystem. Take a look at all the foods that came in my box for the 28 days. It is a treasure trove of taste. I really enjoy going "shopping" in the morning to pick out my meals for the day. I get so excited looking at all the meals to choose from. I find myself trying to break up all the meals because I don't want to eat all the really great stuff like the big meals first and leave all the protein bars for the last week. That would make a really boring week of food. Up to this point I have not had any food that I could not stand - until now. I could not even get past one spoonful of the Vegetarian Chili. It was just not my taste. To me the flavor of it was really bitter plus there seemed to be some seasoning in it I just did not like. The bad thing is I have 2 more meals of the Vegetarian Chili. I decided to look at the nutrition values of it and find another food I could substitute it for. I went with tuna over a green veggie salad. I hated to not eat the Nutrisystem meal but what can you do. My favorite meal of this past week - Cheese Ravioli. Generous size ravioli with a scrumptious cheese filling in a wonderfully rich tomato, basil mushroom sauce. Served with a side green salad, it was an Italian meal I devoured enjoyed. It made my week it was so tasty.

One of my favorite aspects of the program is the convenience of the meal preparation. Most entrees are in microwavable containers and cook in a few minutes time. I was eating the meals right out of the containers but no more. It is all about presentation. I found the cutest bowl at a local thrift shop that makes me happy. I have been serving my meals in my happy bowl. I am on the hunt for a happy plate too. If it feels like I am eating a real gourmet meal, it actually tastes better too.

See the difference?

I did increase my exercise this past week and I have a trimmer puppy to prove it. Now it is time to get more intense with the workouts. I have to drag bring my slightly smaller butt to the gym.

I have been asked by many friends and family if the Nutrisystem program is really worth the cost. There are different levels of programs and with the ease of being able to purchase your program online, in stores like Walgreens, and membership warehouses like Costco, the prices are really not that bad. The basic program for women I have seen for around $265 per 28 days (at the warehouse store pricing). That is less than $10 per day. In one meal of eating out you can spend that on a decent burger and fries. (mmmmm french fries - stop that). I am anxious to see what comes in the next box of Nutrisystem meals. I wonder if they have French Fries?

Many thanks to Nutrisystem for providing the program for my weight loss journey.

Disclosure: I received a gratis Nutrisystem program in exchange for my weekly reviews. No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post. The opinions above are my own. Others experience may vary.


  1. lfhpueblo said...

    Hubby never got french fries, but he was on the Nutrisystem D. He lost twenty pounds in three months on the program.
    Now he's off and still losing.
    Mostly he learned portion control and self control.
    So far he's lost about 32 pounds and wants to lose another 8.
    200 pounds is his goal, though his Doctor keeps saying 180 is where he'd like to see him.
    Really the only place hubby needed to lose weight was around his tummy/waist areas and that's where he's been losing it. He's looking fine.
    Maybe I should go on it. We'll see, can't afford it right now, and we have taxes to pay, so better wait.

  2. Blackberry Jam Cafe said...

    Wow - 6 lbs is impressive - and doing it with no hunger issues. That's a big deal. Good for you! I'm glad you're feeling better, because this is really working! You know we're all at little jealous.....

  3. Blackberry Jam Cafe said...

    I meant to say - we're all a little jealous (not at jealous!)- and I also meant to tell you I'm loving your little Happy Bowl. I just got in too big of a hurry....

  4. Danielle said...

    I have always wanted to try Nutrisystem. If you do not mind me asking; how much does it cost? I think I could really benefit from this.