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Taking a Silly Survey - Just for Fun!

Monday, March 22, 2010 Posted by Rita A

I saw this cute survey posted at Life as a CEO and thought it sounded like fun. Here is some useless information about yours truly!

*Where is your cell phone?   On the charger.
*Your Hair?  Revlon Colorsilk #47
*Your Mother?  more like a sister
*Your Father?  Knows everything, just ask him.
*Favorite Food?  Chocolate
*Your Dream Last Night?  I won $52000.00 on a slot machine.
*Your Favorite Drink?  Coffee with Coffemate creamer
*Your Dream/Goal?  Have a stay at home job.
*What Room are you in?  My Computer Cave (office)
*Your Hobby?  Collecting recipes and cookbooks
*Your Fear?  Earthquakes, car accidents and being on bridges.
*Where do you want to be in 6 years?  In a bigger home.
*Where were you last night?  In my jacuzzi
*Something that you aren’t?  A fashion Model
*Muffins?   Please. blueberry! (thats why I am not a fashion model)
*Wish List Item?   Just one? A new washer and dryer.
*Where did you grow up?  New Jersey until 11 y/o then California
*Last thing you did?  Took the dog outside
*What are you wearing?  Sweat pants and a t-shirt. (again not a fashion model)
*Your TV?  Always on
*Your pets?  Pepper my dog, Tally and Laurel my cats, two fishtanks and a tortoise.
*Friends?  Love them.
*Your Life?  A constant work in progress.
*Your Mood?  Amused
*Missing someone?  My Grandmother, My namesake.
*Vehicle?  Need a new one
*Something you’re not wearing?   Makeup (again not a fashion model)
*Your favorite store?  Thrift shops
*Your favorite color?   Aqua
*When was the last time you laughed?  This morning
*Last time you cried?  Yesterday watching Dreamgirls the movie.
*Your best friend?  My hubby
*One place that I go to over and over?  My Computer Cave
*Favorite place to eat?   My Kitchen

That was fun! Feel free to try it on your blog.


  1. Brenda Susan said...

    Good morning! It was fun to read the list of silly facts about you. Why does it make us feel so good to see that we are not so different form others? Funny how we/I feel better about someone if they seem like me. hmm, gonna think on this a bit.
    Love your blog btw!

  2. Lindsay said...

    That is a fun survey! Thanks for posting it! I just took it on my blog!

  3. Mommy P said...

    I decided to play along. I mean why not it's always nice to get to know your fellow bloggers. :)

  4. Emmy said...

    I love your hair color :) Mine needs something like that again.. so many grays once again.

  5. By MelCole of PA said...

    Wow, the jacuzzi sounds refreshing! Btw, I got awards for you and I hope you like it:

  6. carissa @ lowercase letters said...

    i love chocolate and need a new car, too! : ) cute survey... i like your answers.

  7. SB said...

    it's fun to learn about someone through silly little surveys ;-)

    not too serious i hope