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Thank Goodness that's Over!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010 Posted by Rita A

I am happy to see these two things come to an end.

The Bachelor

I admit I am a Bachelor and Bachelorette addict. I am glued to the tv when it is on. This past Bachelor with Jake...did nothing for me. I found it lacking spark and at most times was pretty boring. My favorite was when we got to see the behind the scenes of the production when Jake needed to find Chris the host because he did not want to give out the other roses. That was the greatest moment. As for Jake's decision, I picked Vienna from the start. The focus was on her from the beginning as the girl you were supposed to hate. Nice job editors. When Jake was with Vienna he became the fun loving, laughing, happy Jake. She brings out the best in him. It just happens without effort. It is not forced. Vienna may need a little maturity and people skills but there is no doubt in my mind he made the right choice. Now we get to see Jake on Dancing with the Stars. I wonder how Vienna will like Jake dancing with a stunning dancer wearing very little clothing? What do you think of Jake's decision?

The Olympics

This is purely a personal reason. As many of you know, my Hubby has been at the Olympics in Vancouver as a Television Camera Operator for the last month. Now that the Olympics has ended he gets to come home! He is coming home Today! Yippee! While he was gone I had many supporting emails and comments from my readers. I thank you all! The Olympics had some sad times and many joyous times. My favorite moment - when the South Korean team got DQ'd in the Womens speed skating relay and it gave the US team the Bronze. From defeat to jubilance in an instant. I can't wait to see the hundreds of photos my hubby took during his adventure. Who knows I just might post a few here for everyone to enjoy.


  1. The Pipster said...

    Rita, I agree. I never got in to the Bachelor so I felt left out. As for the Olympics, some sports were fun to watch, but I could never sort out when they were on.

  2. Angie S said...

    Amen! I am happy to see them both go also!!!

  3. Debbie said...

    I will only comment on the Bachelor....I am with you....he is natural and fun with Vienna....otherwise I found him very boring!~ I wish they would have picked Tinley instead of Ally for the next Bachelorette, as Tinley is so ready to be in love again! Anyhow, I am glad it is over too. I am anxious for big Brother that is my fav!

  4. Pricilla said...

    I am sure you are happy to have the hubby back.
    I enjoyed the Olympics for the most part.

  5. B Sparkly said...

    I'm happy to see the Olympics over, now i can have my Law & Order SVU back...

  6. Elaine said...

    I'm an avid fan of the Bachelor, but I'll agree- Jake did nothing for me. Sure, he was good to look at, but he was a goofball. I wasn't crazy about Vienna or Tenley for that matter. I am excited to see Allie as the Bachelorette, but my husband hated her.

  7. Danielle said...

    I feel ya girlfriend. So glad that is OVER.

  8. Sandra said...

    I'm happy 2!!!

    I left you an award

    Happy Follow Friday Early

    Have a great weekend!