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Dear So and So....

Saturday, April 17, 2010 Posted by Rita A

Well it was a busy week for me. I was out and around town a few days this week. Here are a few letters I wish I could send.

Dear Angry Shopping Cart Driver,
It is not my fault the our local grocery store insists on placing extra displays in the aisles. Two carts can not pass side by side in some areas. I happpened to be next to such a display with a person right behind me also with a shopping cart. You seriously tried to squeeze past both of us and the display. You proceeded to slam into my cart not once, not twice but three times! It was like you were a demolition derby driver. I could not move because of the carts behind me so I had to grab your cart and physically back your cart up so we could all get out of your way. All I can say is I am glad neither one of us had child in the cart. I probably would have socked you one if I did the way you were ramming us. Funny thing is I saw you exit the store too and made sure to stay away from your car. God Forbid I cut you off or something.

Dear Grocery Store,
I realize that the average grocery store carries some 75,000 plus items, so why is it you are always out of the one thing I need or have a coupon for. Hmmmmm.

Dear Jamie Oliver,
Love your Food Revolution idea. I have watched you try to work your magic since the first episode. I have signed the petition for the Food Revolution. What appears to be obvious is you need some help from your fellow Chefs. I know between the culinary circle, you could have raised the funds you need and cooked meals together to really wow the cafeteria crews and the kids. I see the cafeteria workers as your biggest obstacle. Obviously it is about making their jobs easier and not the best, healthiest intentions for the kids. They should have let you bring in your own staff for your revolution to show them how it is done, instead of keeping the lunch ladies who are afraid of change because it makes them work harder. I applaud your efforts. I would eat your food and not choose the strawberry milk or french fries.

Dear Governor: Arnold Schwarzenegger,
Invite Jamie Oliver to California. Support his efforts for the Food Revolution for our children in the schools. Give him some help and let him show the country how it can work. I would like to volunteer to help him in the kitchen. I can peel veggies!

Dear Animal Lovers,
If you ever see an animal being abused or neglected, please report it. Seriously - a young woman was just arrested for neglect of her German Shepherd in our area. The poor dog was chained in the yard and starved for nearly five weeks. The dog was eating dirt to survive. Someone stepped in and took the dog to the animal hospital. It weighed only 37 pounds. A normal weight German Shepherd should weigh 75 to 85 pounds. The vet is doing everything it can to help "Courage" as they named it. Here is the kicker of the story - the young woman is a .... veterinarian technician! You have got to be kidding me. Hang on Courage, there is love out there for you!

It would not be a complete week if hubby was left out so....
Dear Hubby,
I love it when you say lets go to the store, or let's take the dog for a walk at the park. I enjoy our time together. I find it pretty funny that our one adventure always seems to turns into a few hours long drive, across the state episode. I think you do it on purpose to hold me captive in the car while we go to the store, to get gas, to the liquor store, on a goose chase for something you have to have, take the dog to the park, oh that was the original mission, and then you ask me if I need anything. I always smile and say no I am done. So you turn to me and say "One More Stop".

I thought I would see if anyone else would like to write a one or two Dear So and So letters this week. If you would like to participate, post your own Dear So and So letters and link up here for everyone to hear how your week was.

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Ms. Michalek said...

    Please forgive me if I don't remember, but I'll try very hard to write some letters. I'm sure I've got a lot to say if I think about it.

  2. Angie said...

    Seriously... a vet tech was abusing her dog? How awful!

  3. Marla said...

    I have removed animals from their owners for this very reason. I could never work animal control because I would end up hurting some people.

  4. Brittney said...

    omg I prob would have socked the crazy cart driver anyway haha!!

    That poor dog :( thats sad.. I dont understand why ppl get pets or have kids if they are only going to neglect and abuse them

  5. Frugal Vicki said...

    That is really sad about Courage, and you are right, the absolute worst part is she is a vet tech. That infuriates me!!!!

    And I think it is so sweet your hubby does that!

  6. casey aubut said...

    I love these posts! I will try to join in tonight after dinner! :)

  7. Alissabeth said...

    I had to laugh at the shopping cart one. I know the feeling and can visually picture what is going on!

    Found you on FF. Thanks for hosting, this is such a great idea!

  8. lfhpueblo said...

    I just gave my dog Stryker a big hug. He's a Belgium Malinois (think German Shepard on Crack, or that's how the dog trainer and our vet like to call all the energy he has). They look a lot like German Shepards.
    I hope that young vet tech woman gets fired and gets her license revoked.
    There's no excuse for that.

  9. Queen Bug said...

    The worst one is when the grocery store is packed and you're waiting to move and they slam your heel! Grrr! I enjoyed your letters! :)

  10. Sarah Lynne said...

    Thank you Rita!!! This was sooooooo much fun!!!!