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Did You Feel It?

Monday, April 05, 2010 Posted by Rita A

Well if anyone lives in Southern California, you may have felt it yesterday around 4PM Pacific time. A good size earthquake! Not a small one it was pretty big. First reports were it measured 6.9 but after scientists reviewed the data it was determined to be 7.2! Wow.

Here is what I was doing at that time. I was on my computer and my husband was on his in our office. My chair started swaying. Then my whole desk was moving. Both of us at the same time said Earthquake! He jumped up into the doorway and was standing there watching things sway in the living room. I was halfway under my computer desk in case it got a little bigger. It stayed as a rolling earthquake which means it was more of a wavy smooth movement of the earth felt in my area. Much like a water drop in water, it just rolls outward. It seemed to go on for a long time almost making me dizzy, like motion sickness. At least a full minute! We ran to the backyard to see our swimming pool, which is a very good earthquake indicator, and it was sloshing like ocean waves. Hubby said you could ride a surfboard in the pool. It looked to me like a big wave crashing the reef as it hit the corner of our pool. Huge Splashes. We lost a lot of water out of the pool.

I called my mom and dad who live about 35 miles from me and they were just sitting down to Easter Dinner, when they felt it and were all hanging on to the table. They have a stained glass lamp over the table and thought for sure it was going to fall into the dinner.

When it all calmed down it becomes a news story with all the local news scrambling for details. I used my internet to visit the USGS earthquake maps and already knew the place and size of the quake before the news did. We have been told by the Caltech Earthquake scientists to be prepared for a few quite large aftershocks.

The one good thing about this quake we felt, it was a rolling motion. The rolling earthquakes usually means you are quite a distance from the epicenter of the quake. They can be frightening just the same, but it is the intense shaking quakes that cause the most damage. Still it was a wake up call to be prepared. I am thoroughly prepared in my home and in my car. Do I fear the quakes? Yes of course. My biggest fear about them is being separated from my husband and family. We have plans in place to be able to get in touch with each other in such an event. Did you know? - that the cell phone companies suggest you send text messages during emergency times because the text lines usually go through when the phone lines are busy! That is good to know.

For more information on Earthquake preparedness visit the USGS.

Earthquakes do not hit in certain areas, they can hit anywhere. Look at all the recent earthquake events. Being prepared can save lives. Stay safe out there.

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  1. Tracey said...

    We felt it here in Phoenix, AZ! Not as bad as you did though...

  2. Deb said...

    Wow! Glad you are ok. We don't generally experience earthquakes here in Michigan. I remember one time when I was a child there was a very minor, but that is it. I'm glad we don't have to really worry about them---we just get the awful blizzards and tons of ice and snow.....which is bad enough!

    Stay safe.

  3. Another Daydreamer said...

    There sure have been a lot of powerful earthquakes lately. Glad you and your family are okay.

    ~ Amanda

  4. Emmy said...

    I felt it, I am going to blog about it tomorrow... I had just put the ham in the oven when it hit and so well I forgot to set the timer, doh!

    I too went to the USGS, I am quite obsessed with that site now :)

  5. Jacqui said...

    i felt it las vegas! my mom lives in santa fe springs california and her roof cracked!!

  6. Brenda Susan said...

    So glad you are ok. I am a Cali girl too & remember a few big ones over the years but still seems better than living in a state that expects hurricanes every single year!

  7. Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

    Good info about the text messages! I heard about it right away from my daughter who had just moved to Southern CA from Northern CA on Saturday. What a welcoming she got!

    Glad to hear that you are okay.

  8. Aphrodite's Mortal Friend (ME) said...

    Damn I guess I gotta watch the news more- we used to live out west in earthquake territory and now we live in tornado territory- like there are sirens on streets ... and drills weekly ... and I gotta tell you, for me, the whole tornado thing scares me to death!! Maybe it's just because I grew up with earthquakes though?

  9. Deanna said...

    We're in San Diego and boy did it rock us! No damage or injuries in our city, but it was definitely felt- woke us from our nap!

  10. Gaile said...

    We felt it srtongly here, about 80 or so miles north of the epicenter. I just could not believe how LONG that one lasted! I was born and raised here in so-cal, so we normally joke about the quakes, and when they hit we do a quick betting pool for who can correctly guess the magnitude of the quake. LOL It felt like a 4 here, so I knew if it was much bigger than a 4 then it was not centered nearby.
    Nothing broke at my house, but my sister in law had broken a champagne glass about 10 minutes prior to the quake, so we all laughed and blamed THAT on the shaking. :)

  11. Shelby Bukhenik said...

    WOW, I'm from Mass so we don't so much get earthquakes! Glad to hear you are all safe though!

  12. Rona's Home Page said...

    The news showed some video of LV pools and lamps moving and shaking. I actually didn't feel a thing.
    Having lived in San Diego for 14 years I have experienced my share of earthquakes, a few during work hours.

  13. lfhpueblo said...

    Yep, it wasn't a deep quake either. Only above six miles deep.
    It's good that it went northwest from the epicenter in Mexico, otherwise there would have been more damage and more loss of life.
    I think we all should be getting ready for more of these in the USA.
    Earthquakes can happen anywhere, people just don't realize it.

  14. Becca said...

    I didn't feel it at all up in Santa Barbara, but I had some friends who did. My grandparents in LA lost power momentarily, but I didn't hear of that happening much.