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Introducing Bonz 2 Chew - My Newest Blog

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 Posted by Rita A

Bonz 2 Chew

I have done many stories and mentions of the small zoo I have in my home. With my love for animals I have always had multiple pets in my home since I was young. Some of you may remember the April Fool's Day joke I played where my dog Pepper took over One 2 Try. Changing blog name to Bone 2 chew. Well I had a lot of fun with that post and someone suggested it was a great idea for a new blog. It got me thinking and I have been working behind the scenes to bring it to life. Introducing Bonz 2 Chew!

My goal with Bonz 2 Chew is to bring pet information, animal stories and of course pet friendly products. Pepper will have her input with her four paw rating scale.

Pepper Rating

1 to 4 paws

1 paw - ears up
2 paws - slight tail wag
3 paws - like a new toy excitement
4 paws - Full tailwaggin, jumping for joy, fun

If you love animals, are interested in pet products or just want to see what Bonz 2 Chew is all about, come on by. Come explore the world of furry critters with me. It is new, exciting and I hope it grows to a menagerie. It is just starting out but I am finding some great pet products to feature. Bonz 2 Chew will be a wonderful addition to One 2 Try. There are so many fabulous pet stories out there and a lot of pet lovers too.

Pepper says come visit Bonz 2 Chew! Woof!

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  1. Meeko Fabulous said...

    On my way!!! :)

  2. ham1299 said...

    How fun! :-) I'll check it out now!

  3. Wendi P said...

    Yay! This is way fun. Thanks Rita and Pepper!!!!

  4. TamsJewelry said...

    Very great idea.We all love our pets!I look forward to hearing what you and Pepper are checking out!

  5. My Mercurial Nature said...

    Great idea! I'll be over there for sho!