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Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

Friday, April 09, 2010 Posted by Rita A

I admire the scope of what Chef Jamie Oliver is attempting. Have you seen his awesome show Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution? It is shown on ABC Fridays at 9PM/8C. The show brings Jamie to the public schools and cities in America to change the way our children and adults are eating. I could not believe the district supervisor looked at him with a straight face and said French Fries are a vegetable. Jamie's face expression was priceless. That could be a reason the foods are not so great for our kids in the schools.

Think about it, we are a society of Dollar Menus, grab and go eating. I am just now myself learning what proper nutrition is. I have struggled my whole life and I only wish someone had taken on the food challenge when I was younger. Jamie has a rather large task ahead of him and I would like to see him get some other Chefs involved. He needs more support. Here is where you can help. Sign the Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Petition. It takes only a moment and it speaks volumes to our schools, and government, that we want change. It is your kids, your friends kids, kids you may not even know but with the childhood obesity epidemic on the increase we need to do better for our kids.

A line from a favorite song of mine :
To change the world,
Start with one step.
However small,
The first step is hardest of all. (Dave Matthews Band)

Join the Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution! Watch the show on Fridays - ABC 9PM/8C.

Connect with Jamie Oliver on Twitter.

Now go get some veggies in your home too.

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  1. Sara said...

    ha! I posted about this on Wednesday. My brother is a producer for ABC and will be making an appearance on the show tonight!! Such a great cause. Love Jamie Oliver!

  2. Nancy said...

    I seldom watch TV and when I saw an advertisement for this show I decided to tune in. Both shows I have watched have been amazing and eye opening. I am thoroughly blown away with the eating habits of so many people and why they don't see the health implications of what they are doing. Conquering this issue would definitely put a huge dent in health care costs in this country and it is such a easy solution. OK, I will get off my soap box:) I wish him tons of success and hope he makes a difference.

  3. Erin said...

    I love him and what he's doing. Will be tuning in tonight (again).

  4. Angie said...

    I saw him on tv (I think it was The Doctors) today and they said that 89% of Americans are overweight or obese... WHAT?!?

    EIGHT NINE PERCENT... really????

    Wow... that is not good... I hope he helps some of us start to eat better - I am lucky and don't fit into that category - yet. But if I continue to eat all the horrible foods I do, I seriously COULD someday.

  5. Shelby Bukhenik said...

    I've never seen the show, but I've seen him on the Biggest Loser and he is always so great!

    It is truly amazing how our schools are so behind the times on the nutritional food standpoint. My best friends mom is a principal of an elementary school and she has had numerous programs geared towards eating healthy. Unfortunately its one school out of so many. But like you said, you have to start somewhere!

  6. Cid said...

    My boys and I watched it the other night and am going to make a point to watch it together again. Nothing like hearing what your mother has been saying for years from a cool guy on TV to make an impression. After that episode I actually got my family to eat a stir fry for the first time in many years.

  7. Debbie said...

    I love the show, and I love the idea behind it. Poor Jamie has his work cut out for him, but I think he's being a great example of how one person can really make a difference.

    I was horrified when that district supervisor told him he needed another vegetable side dish when the whole basis of his meal was vegetables, and she said that the Chicken Patty sandwhich and fries counted as all the vegetables required for the other meal. Absolutely ridiculous! Schools and parents need to step it up and start feeding their kids better. I have two kids, and I've learned that you need to start them young on eating fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. They get accustomed to seeing them on their plate, and it just becomes a habit for them to eat them, which leads to wonderful eating habits later on.

  8. Deb said...

    I haven't seen the program yet (we have no cable and only get 2 channels). I'm going to see if I can watch it online.

    I signed the petition. I'm all about getting better foods in our schools.

  9. Shannon said...

    First off, I love this show. I am very interested to see how it plays out. As a NJ transplant living in West Virginia, I am not surprised one iota about the flack that Jamie is getting from some of the people. More power to him. I hope he can accomplish what he is trying to do.

    Second, I also don't have cable. You can find Food Revolution on

    Third, when he tried the "experiment" with the chicken nugget, people around here hunt for their meat. They eat a whole lot of deer, and sometimes bear and beaver. Often, the beef, pork, or chicken come out of their yard, or at least, nearby. When it is hunting season they'll shoot and eat squirrel and rabbit. We weren't here a year before my husband was invited "frog gigging". They eat those, too. So, yes, if you take a chicken, gross as that looked, and turn it into a nugget, these kids are going to eat it.

    Thanks for visiting and following my blog.

  10. Optimal Optimist said...

    I think this is a GREAT show and it's about time we take control of our poor eating habits! I hope this can open up some of our eyes so we can realize just how unhealthy the food is that we are providing for the children of our nation.

    Thanks for spreading the word about the show and for linking to his petition, we NEED to get the word out! : )

  11. MisAdventuresofMomof3 said...

    I watched the show tonight (both of them). I agree he has his work cut out for him - but it only takes a spark to get a fire going.

    I have to say I was so angry about the "french fries" are a veggie - seriously!?! How cracked is our system?!?! I think about my 6 yr old who buys his lunch everyday and I assume that he is getting a good, healthy meal - now I realize he could be eating fries everyday!!! URGH!!!!!

  12. Dina said...

    i have been a naked chef fan for years and signed the petition a few weeks ago. i watched the show for the 1st time last night. and yes i was pissed about the french fries too! Being someone who has studied natural health for years it never ceases to amaze me some of the basic things most people don't know are unhealthy. I was looking forward to my son starting kindergarten so i did not have to make lunches anymore, but I will be taking a long hard look at each days menu before I decide what he will eat. the thing that kills me, in my house, is that I cook so healthy, and yet my son refuses to eat any of it, its so hard to get him to eat healthy even though I instill this lifestyle, I have to break down and give him stuff I would prefer not to, just for him to eat. its so frsutrating and I really hope he grows out of it. the other kicker is our high schools in colorado actually have kiosks from some of the fast food joints...just perpetuating it.

  13. Jennifer V. said...

    I love this show and totally agree 110% with what he is doing. Fries a vegetable? Total proof our country needs serious help!