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Khaya Cookie Company {Review}

Monday, April 12, 2010 Posted by Rita A

I am excited to introduce you to Khaya Cookie Company. Khaya Cookies does more than make exquisite tasting cookies, they are supporting an entire community in the winelands of South Africa. They are touching lives by Creating Opportunity One Bite at a Time.

A bit more about the Khaya Cookie Company -
Our Mission - Khaya means 'home' in Xhosa (South Africa's second most common home language). The Khaya Cookie Company was founded on this concept; a warm sentiment to which we can all relate. We're dedicated to creating jobs at our production facility in Cape Town, as well as at our Philadelphia shipping center here in the US. We provide our previously unemployed staff with on-the-job training and even more ambitious life-skills education. We cultivate a truly fulfilling work environment for those less fortunate than ourselves - just a few ingredients for more wholesome, self-sustaining lives.

We provide opportunity through baking, with a diverse line of healthy, nourishing and delicious gourmet shortbreads and granolas. And we work with great care to perfect our unique recipes as we aim to satisfy both discerning taste buds and socially conscious spirits.

This is our mission, but we don't achieve it through handouts or donations. Instead we promote a socially conscious business. Our staff remains inspired while earning an honest living. We offer them a better quality of life that comes with having a stable job, while they experience the greater rewards that accompany good work and dedication. We work hard to continue this development, growth and the coming together of diverse talent to create new opportunities and unimaginable possibility.

Our business model creates hope for the future of Khaya, the employees whose lives we continually touch and those here among us here in the United States who've been affected by an unpredictable and challenging economic decline. Help us promote this way of thinking by placing just a single order. We've baked, packaged and carefully crafted something we hope will be as memorable and meaningful to you as it was for us to make it. Or at the very least, satisfy your palate and bring a moment of contentment to your day.

How they are helping:
Khaya Cookie Company supports the community by hiring local men and women from the South African townships. Over 500 people are employed.

Created local American jobs at the distribution center on Philadelphia, PA.

They teach employees vital self-sufficiency skills.

Ingredients are chosen from local farmers, choosing the best organic fruits and other ingredients.

The Khaya Cookie Company takes great pride in making the cookies. Each cookie batch is approached much like a wine maker would make a wine. The best ingredients are carefully chosen for the flavors to balance correctly. Each cookie batch is made in small batches from scratch. Each bite of a Khaya Cookie and you taste the care that goes in every cookie.

Courtesy of Khaya Cookie Company I was sent each of the fantastic 5 flavors they create.

Granola Fruit Krunchi - morsels of moist dates and organic apricots mixed with satisfyingly chewy grains. I found these to be perfectly sweet and very moist. The date flavor is nicely balanced with the flavor of the grains.

Grapeseed Shortbread - shortbread has pure grapeseed and tangy, tiny currants. These are so good. The shortbread is buttery but not too rich with a flavorful zing of the currants. The taste is so delicate they melt in your mouth. Delicious! These are my favorite flavor.

Orange Rooibos Shortbread - aromatic citrus peel transforms this dense, buttery shortbread. This flavor is very refreshing. The citrus taste is perfect with the buttery shortbread flavor. These would make a lovely treat to have with tea. Scrumptious.

Cranberry Rooibos Shortbread - bits of naturally tart, intensely flavorful cranberries and all the benefits of rooibos extract to this classically buttery rich shortbread. I enjoyed the added zing of the cranberry! This flavor is addicting.

Orange & Chocolate Krunchi - combination of pure orange zest and pure dark Belgium chocolate. I liked the chocolate flavor but was not fond of the orange with it. I do not care for orange with chocolate combination in any type of treat so this one was not my taste. It was enjoyed by other family members with high praises.

Each Khaya Cookie Package can be purchased directly for the low price of $5.00 per package. If you would like to order case packs you get a 15% discount over the single pack price. Buy more than one package because once you have tasted these fabulous Khaya Cookie gems you will want to have more! Remember each purchase helps communities.

Many thanks to Khaya Cookie Company for providing the review samples.

Disclosure: I received gratis samples for this review. No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post. The opinions above are my own. Others experience may vary.

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