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Readers Survey Results - Thank You!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 Posted by Rita A

Thank you very much to all who participated in my recent readers survey. The information will be used to help me bring you more exciting content on One 2 Try. The results were pretty much what I was anticipating with a few interesting surprises.

Here is a recap of the results:

Visit: Most of you visit several times each week, with daily coming in a close second. I love all those visits. Thanks for stopping by!

Feelings about One 2 Try:
Love it! was the overall winner. Aww, I am blushing, thank you very much.

Would like to see more of:
The overwhelming response was Giveaways. I would love to get more giveaways for you and I am actively working on it. Many of you want more recipes. I have an idea for this, stay tuned.

Like to see less of:
This was interesting. There was not too much response (which is good) but a few ideas came up. Less childrens items, less giveaways, less reviews only, less images, less Friday Follow, and the one that surprises me is less text. I guess I write too much. LOL.

The Giveaways:

Most of you said they were easy to enter, products you like and worth entering. A few thought there were too many entry options so I am changing the entries up a bit depending on the giveaway.

Favorite Feature:
Number one - Giveaways. Of course, who would not want to have some of the great stuff the sponsors are supplying. Many of you are fond of Dear So and So letters and the National Day recipes got a big thumbs up.

Something you would like to see added:
There were a few cool ideas. More book reviews and giveaways, Short term giveaways, Blog Swap (Meet and Greet), frugal tips, and pet ideas. The funniest answer to be added - someone said "My Blog Button". Thanks for the chuckle.
Pet ideas - I started another blog called Bonz 2 Chew which is slowly getting established but I have big plans for it. Stop by Bonz 2 Chew to check it out.

Overall I found the information very valuable. It has generated a few new ideas and ways to expand on the things you are enjoying. I appreciate everyone who took the time to answer the survey for me.

The two lucky winners of the Starbucks Gift Cards are:

Congratulations! I have contacted you both by email. Now I am off to find you all more giveaways to feature.

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  1. Meeko Fabulous said...

    I do love those Dear So and So letters! You should turn those into a meme.

  2. Becca said...

    I'm so excited about winning, thanks! I wonder if anyone knows how much work goes into reviews/giveaways until they do them!! lol