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Take It All Off Thursday! - Nutrisystem Update.

Thursday, April 15, 2010 Posted by Rita A

Another week finished! Week 7 of my journey is complete. My Nutrisystem week was a success this past week. I lost one whole pound! My total weight loss so far is 11 and 1/2 pounds. I am so excited to see the scale budge this week. It was challenging for a few meals this week as I had attended a luncheon for bloggers, but I did fine. I chose good foods at the luncheon and watched my portion sizes very carefully. The brunch had a lovely salad and fruits so I filled my plate with the good foods. I declined the ice cream dessert offered and felt okay with it. So I was proud of the way I handled my day out with the girls.

Then all bets were off. On another post I am promoting the Bake Me A Wish review/giveaway. OMG all my willpower was gone...poof in an instant, when I got to sample the chocolate deliciousness. Honestly while I was trying it, I had no remorse. So what does that tell me, I need to avoid the extreme chocolate temptations. Knowing that about myself will help me control the cravings and stay on top of my willpower. Chocolate is my middle name and I am pretty sure I have had some sort of chocolate every day for as far back as I can remember. Yes I slipped and it was big time, but I am not beating myself up for it. I am using it as a learning experience for my weight loss goal.

Even with my chocolate weakness moment, I did lose weight and for that I am jumping for joy. I may have to do a lot of jumping to make up for the cake LOL.

Some of my favorite Nutrisystem meals this week were:
Rotini with Meatballs and Tomato Sauce
Beef and Noodles In Teriyaki Sauce
Thick Crust Pizza

I look forward to having my Nutrisystem dinners. My hubby always tells me they look and smell pretty good. He can tell when I am eating something I enjoy. He say I get a chipmunk happy face. I guess I have it a lot while eating the Nutrisystem meals. This week I am determined to get my exercise level increased. I dodged a bullet with the cake but it made me understand something about myself -  I like to eat! I need to exercise more because I like to eat. I heard someone say once if you eat - exercise. I say if you exercise - you can eat!

Many thanks to Nutrisystem for providing the program for my weight loss journey.

Disclosure: I received a gratis Nutrisystem program in exchange for my weekly reviews. No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post. The opinions above are my own. Others experience may vary.

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  1. Deanna said...

    Congrats on your weight loss and perserverance! Dieting is so hard, I am glad that you are able to stick to it. Good luck for the duration!

    ♥ Deanna

  2. Lisa said...

    I just can NOT imagine a day without some type of chocolate. *sigh* And my scale reflects that. I am getting ready to being a journey of my own-not Nutrisystem and I will be blogging about it. I'm still undecided about how transparent I'm willing to be. My weight is a very sore issue!

    Congrats on your ongoing progress~

    Lisa @ All That and a Box of Rocks

  3. Kyrstin said...

    Congrats on your weight loss - you are doing great. I find it is just easier to have a little bit of chocolate when I crave it, instead of trying to resist it, because then I usually end up giving in and overindulging!! Keep up the great work.