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Today is National Jelly Bean Day!

Thursday, April 22, 2010 Posted by Rita A

Jelly Beans are not just for Easter anymore. They are a year round treat. Today is National Jelly Bean Day! Thanks to the folks at Jelly Belly, jelly beans come in all sorts of fantastic flavors. They have become a sweet, pop in your mouth anytime treat. Some people even crave the fancy flavored jelly beans. For more information about National Jelly Bean Day visit Squidoo for some very interesting jelly bean facts. Who knew?

Jelly Beans are a fun idea and an inspiration for some cute recipes I found.

At Culinary Concoctions By Peabody - She made cupcakes that look like corn on the cob with you guessed it, yellow and white colored jelly beans. So cute.

From The Decorated Cookie comes a recipe for mini jelly bean shaped cookies. She put a lot of work in the colors too. I could eat a handful of these cute little cookies.

At About dot com - I found this fudge recipe for Jelly Bean Fudge made with white chocolate and jelly beans. It sure looks colorful.

Of course you can mix and match your Jelly Belly Flavors to create new flavor sensations. Jelly Belly has a full flavor recipe list for fun.

Enjoy your Day!

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  1. Amy said...

    Yay! I heart jelly beans! The Jelly Belly Pear Beans are my absolute favorite... plus, I'm partial to all things bean...

  2. Emmy said...

    My husband's favorite day of the year ;)

  3. Steven Anthony said...

    Seriously, whats better than jelly beans...answer, NOTHING:)

  4. Miss Liz said...

    Who doesn't love jellybeans? Yum!

  5. Semi-Slacker Mom said...

    I love the mixed drink flavored ones from Jelly Belly!

  6. Happy Gramma said...

    Jelly can eat them like popcorn, never stopping 'til you run out!
    I found you on Friday Follow.
    Come follow me @

  7. rose said...

    oh boy! do i love jelly many flavors to favorite is black licorice.