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Today is National Peach Cobbler Day!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 Posted by Rita A

I have been so busy lately I missed a few of the scrumptious National food days. Well today is National Peach Cobbler Day! Everyone all together, MMMmm. Can't you taste the warm peaches with the cobbler crust coming right out of the oven now? With ice cream or without? Drool.

In honor of National Peach Cobbler Day, I found a few recipes for the occasion.

On Dlyn - here is a fresh peach cobbler with beautiful photos to accompany the directions. She even mentions leftovers. I am sure there would not be any leftovers in my home.

From Chaos in the Kitchen - a Texas Peach Cobbler made with fresh, canned or frozen peaches. You could make this recipe year round.

At Real Mom Kitchen - Ooey-Gooey Peach Cobbler made with canned peaches and yellow cake mix. Sounds pretty easy for a quick dessert.

For something a little different - I found Peach Cobbler Cookies at Good Eats of Texas. These cookie gems sound so good I am getting all the ingredients to try this recipe.

Lastly - and you won't believe this one. There is a Here you will find many recipes all containing the great flavor of peaches. This site is totally dedicated to the Peach Cobbler. Pretty sweet thing to be dedicated to.

I am on the way to the store for you guessed it, peaches!
Enjoy your day.

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  1. Another Daydreamer said...

    Peach cobbler is my favorite! One of my favorite desserts to make too, as it's so easy. Yum!

  2. Angelica said...

    Thanks for the links to the recipes! I may just have to go to the store and get me some peaches!

  3. Jennifer @ Giveaways and More! said...

    Yum! I may have to make peach cobbler this weekend as a warm-up to peach season in August. My husband's family owns a farm and grows the best peaches but they aren't ready until August. Thanks for the recipes!

  4. My Mercurial Nature said...

    Mmmm, yum! Maybe I'll make that simple cobbler tonight!

  5. Alison said...

    My favorite dessert! I have a recipe on my blog, too. YUM...I'd make one if I wasn't trying to lose weight!

  6. The Baby Store Plus said...

    Oh Boy do I love Holidays Like National Peach Cobbler Day!!


  7. Wendi P said...

    How come nobody around here knows about National Peach Cobbler day? While I appreciate your recipes, I am looking for instant gratification ;-) and none of the stores or bakeries has any for sale.

    I love peach cobbler!!!!!!!!!